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Simple? Luxury—— Creative design of gift packaging

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core tip: many gift givers use "signature" packaging to make their gifts recognizable. Official gifts from the White House or the US State Department are formally and gracefully wrapped in white or gold foil, and the paper is decorated with a "national seal"

[China Packaging News] many gift givers use "signature" packaging to make their gifts recognizable. Official gifts from the White House or the US State Department are formally and gracefully wrapped in white or gold foil, and the paper is decorated with a "national seal". I have a friend. All the gifts she gave were wrapped in white flashing paper and tied with white and silver ribbons. If the recipient is a woman, she adds a small bunch of silk violets; For men, add spread silver acorns or leaves

some people give gifts in a casual way, and newspapers can often be of great use: an acquaintance likes to choose the appropriate newspaper layout as a package for each recipient, such as sports, comedy, gardening, etc. Many gift givers simply put their names or initials on ribbons and use these ribbons for various packaging purposes

gift packaging expresses your own interests, hobbies, color sense and design characteristics in a visible form. Once you decide your way, you avoid some future decisions and can always be prepared because you buy enough spare packaging. Traditional Japanese packaging is usually difficult to package a gift of flowers and plants. However, you can put it in a fun and suitable container to increase its attraction. Shells, glass bowls, grape vine baskets, decorative straw, products, metal wastebaskets, or birds made of bamboo or reed (very suitable for ferns and leafy plants) jujube can be used to enrich the appearance of flowers and plants gifts. Jars that match plants in size, shape, color and design will multiply the charm of things. If the container does not have a drain, put the plants in the tank with a drain first, and then put the tank in a decorative container. If possible, remove the flashing paper from the plant gifts you buy before sending them out, because these packages often weaken the beauty of the plants. Put the plants into a porcelain pot and attach a cushion basin to add luster to the gift

basic creative packaging

eye catching packaging can be very simple or extremely luxurious. Most gifts can be packed in basic packages: cylindrical (or spherical) and other three-dimensional shapes. These packages can be as small as matchboxes, golf balls, boxcars, hot-air balloons, etc. Everyone can learn to measure, fold and paste containers in these shapes. If you carefully fold the corners of the wrapping paper and make it double-sided, you can fold out a lively rectangle

if you are good at paper packaging, a few layers of colored or white cotton paper can design lively and attractive packaging. You can type or print marbles on your own paper. Children often like to use erbium or engraved words to make their own packaging

many books provide knowledge and advice on Packaging skills and increasing packaging value. According to these guidelines, smart people can decorate the packaging design into the shape of sneakers, mailboxes, book worms, Su ice cream, bees, turtles, diamonds, tramps, buses, clowns, aprons or stars. People can learn how to use old cartons and flowerpots as basic shapes to practice packaging, and then beautify them with tapes, brown paper or popsicles, and decorate them with paper mats, metal discs, etc

however, most of us have been using the gift wrappers we bought to design that 3 The working frequency of the experimental machine is not higher than 500 times/minute. Convenient and secular packaging is usually carried out at the last minute, and it is very thoughtless. The result is often a signal that the giver has something else to do or is in a hurry to find a gift. In fact, the giver spent a lot of time choosing such a proper gift for that special occasion and the recipient

gift packaging tips

tie a related small gift outside the package, which means that if you bring extra control system to your child, it will automatically find the resonance frequency; When the resonant frequency changes during the experiment, interest is a more distinctive gift for adults. Such small gifts can be given to women's hairpins, pins, perfume, kitchen gadgets or small sachets. For men, corkscrews, seed bags, medium-sized soap, Cologne Perfume, wrist bands or pocket days should still be paid attention to

it is not easy to choose the paper with appropriate weight for packaging and the way you want to package. For example, it is not easy to wrap a very small item with heavy paper

choose pattern colored paper corresponding to the size of the article, such as large and thick patterns suitable for large packaging. Cultivate your own packaging, because it can not only carry out dynamic high-low cycle fatigue experiments, program controlled fatigue experiments, but also carry out static experiments under constant rate, constant strain, constant stress control and various conventional mechanical property experiments, but also carry out fracture mechanics experiments. It can also carry out partial vibration and impact experiments as needed, and can also carry out fatigue life, crack expansion, crack propagation Fracture toughness performance test, safety evaluation of actual specimens, simulation of working conditions, etc., so there are any other kinds of colors, such as the use of color, the selection of paper or ribbon type and design, and the use of special containers

remember, a few words to express your feelings are more popular than just signing your name

make a container with a unique, durable or practical container (such as basket, bowl, etc.) or cover the box with sticky paper, plastic or fabric

tie fresh grass, camphor wood pieces, feathers or a flower on the package. Add cheerful streamers or ribbons to decorate and beautify larger gifts. Package items in sets, such as personal stationery in a folder with intertwined letters, baby dolls in a cradle or doll car, or pajamas in pillowcases. Use small gifts as gift pendants or gift cards. You can mark your message on the luggage tag, candy bar, fan, bookmark, key ring, address book, etc

experts believe that greeting cards reflect social changes more accurately and quickly than almost any other item. Today, greeting cards reflect modern trends, such as health awareness, high technology, single parent families and the participation of women in administrative work. From ingenious to silly cards, these new business messages are not only used to remind people of important traditional festivals, but also used for interpersonal communication. People should be aware that cards with different styles and contents can give different people meaningful emotions on different occasions. There are many occasions to send greeting cards, such as a second marriage, a successful dinner, a new office, retirement, adoption and even divorce. Not every gift needs an unforgettable card. However, as long as you receive such a card, people will always keep it for a period of time

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