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Talk about the "conservatives" and "innovators" in the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry

] since 2018, the overall performance of China's pharmaceutical equipment industry has been good, but there are still a few happy and a few sad, among which the fate of conservatives and innovators is very different

Conservatives: stick to the old conventions, aging products and reducing revenue

conservatives, as the name suggests, are a group of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment enterprises with low conservative innovation. These enterprises are generally faced with problems such as aging products, sluggish new products, weak competitiveness, low level of science and technology, high energy consumption, low efficiency, insufficient motivation for technological innovation and so on

in 2018, due to its conservative management mode, some pharmaceutical machinery enterprises in China, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, are in the throes of transformation

for example, under the continuous promotion of high environmental protection pressure when p is 17kn, some small enterprises still choose to remain intact and wait for the environmental storm to pass, so that they can survive. As a result, the aging product line of the enterprise is almost dead after the flight inspection

recently, there are 3 In line with ergonomics: the performance forecast of the first three quarters disclosed by the pharmaceutical machinery enterprises of this series of experimental machines, regardless of the height and width of the experimental space, shows that the company's monthly net profit is expected to decline by nearly 30% compared with the same period in 2017

the company said that most of the best-selling products are at the end of the product cycle, and the sales are affected by the product cycle plan. It is the slow renewal of products that leads to the aging of product lines and the decline of competitiveness

a relevant person said that at present, the aging and insufficient innovation of products in the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry are still common. Under the new policy and market environment, the direct impact faced by these conservatives is that the products are gradually eliminated and the revenue of enterprises plummets

Innovators: dare to innovate, grasp the trend and promote growth

unlike conservatives, a group of innovators in the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry are carrying out technological innovation and product upgrading rhythmically while maintaining market share

the author learned that, in fact, in order to promote the dream of building a powerful country in China, China's manufacturing industry, including the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry, has been encouraged and supported by relevant policies to encourage pharmaceutical machinery enterprises to carry out product innovation and research and development, bravely take steps forward, and the performance of these pharmaceutical machinery enterprises has also achieved stable growth

for example, in recent years, leading pharmaceutical machinery enterprises such as truking technology have seized the development trend at home and abroad, committed to promoting intelligent construction projects of pharmaceutical equipment, established intelligent factories and green factories, and dared to be innovative in the development of pharmaceutical machinery industry, playing a leading role in other domestic pharmaceutical machinery industry

it is reported that truking's sterile preparation robot automatic production line has also been included in the list of the third batch of single champion products in the manufacturing industry, which will also bring more positive impacts on the progress of China's pharmaceutical equipment industry and pharmaceutical industry

the value of products is partly reflected in the satisfaction of users. Only continuous innovation and timely upgrading can meet the changing needs of the current market. Pharmaceutical machinery enterprises must check from the aspects of technological innovation, process innovation and marketing innovation, uphold the spirit of craftsman, build a team of artisans, and improve the value of products from low-level to medium and high-end stage

however, some insiders pointed out that excessive product innovation will lead to aesthetic fatigue for consumers, so we also need to grasp the degree of innovation

in the past, domestic consumers even acquiesced that the moon abroad was rounder than that at home, and they were not rare for domestic equipment. Gigu could not trust by providing highly targeted segmented products accounting for 15.56%. At present, with the development of science and technology, the cultivation of talent teams, and the rise of innovators, some domestic equipment has also gone abroad to participate in international market competition. We are all aware of these progress, and we believe that in the future, China's pharmaceutical machinery and equipment can become a domestic brand in domestic and foreign markets, and realize the dream of becoming a powerful country in pharmaceutical machinery and equipment

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