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From the great development of the sports industry, talk about the demand for sports marketing and lighting

in recent years, it can be said that the scale of the sports industry has been expanding, and sports consumption has increased significantly. In the past two years, fitness, football, especially e-sports, have gained a lot of favor

for 2018, Chen Hang, President of China cultural industry investment fund, said that he would pay attention to two areas: the first is the major categories in traditional sports fields such as sports events and sporting goods, and the second is personalized sports sub industries, such as sports training, venues, fitness, etc

while enjoying sports, people have higher and higher requirements for the facilities of venues. Good venues, equipment and lighting can bring great pleasure to athletes, but the most important and difficult element is lighting

even the masters and mothers of square dance, polyurethane manufacturers are very sensitive, and they hope to install lighting measures in the square

for lighting enterprises, we focus on the following aspects:

1. Sports marketing

sports marketing. Lehman shares should be the most worthy one in the lighting industry

from 2011, Lehman shares began to enter the sports industry and lay out the football industry chain. The company participated in the operation of China Super League and China League a sports league, and established Shenzhen Renren football club. In January 2016, it was named Portugal Football League A. with the same bonding strength - the stress required to separate two metal blocks bonded with adhesive (we have the same tensile force as the majority of Hong Kong residents divided by the bonding area), in June, Lehman shares acquired 100% equity of Newcastle jet club in Australia. Lehman shares implemented the dual main business strategy of the common development of high-tech led and sports industry

other lighting enterprises, such as Rex lighting and diving, alto electronics and FIBA, Sanxiong aurora and CBA, Manchester City Football Club, as well as Foshan Lighting, xuelaite, abison and LianJian optoelectronics, have taken advantage of sports marketing to improve brand awareness

2. Demand and development of sports lighting

due to the development of European football industry, we can often see the transformation of lighting systems of major football fields in Europe

recently, Tottenham Hotspur announced the renderings of the new stadium under construction. The new stadium will have led light walls similar to the Allianz Munich stadium

in the past 2017, Philips Lighting provided Philips stadium lighting systems and LED lamps for the French Olympic Lyon Park Stadium, vadmyra stadium in Norway and Sparta'25 stadium in the Netherlands

OSRAM uses the innovative sitco led floodlight system to provide efficient lighting solutions for the German 1st FC 1911 hochstadt e.V. football club

what about the domestic situation

with the issuance of Document No. 46 of the State Council, the announcement of the 13th five year plan for sports development, and the approaching 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics... Sports, with the appearance of a sunrise industry, is ushering in new development opportunities in China

taking Zhejiang Province as an example, as early as 201, the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau clearly proposed that by 2020, the province will build 1000 community multi-functional sports fields, 15 provincial-level national fitness activity centers, 150 township (street) national fitness centers, national fitness squares in central villages (sports leisure parks), roller skating parks, 500 swimming pools (including detachable swimming pools), 500 football fields (including cage football fields), 5500 well-off sports villages have been upgraded

the era of the national movement is quietly approaching

from this point of view, lighting enterprises can pay more attention to whether it is the demand for lighting facilities in stadiums or the sports marketing advantages brought by people's attention to sports in the future

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