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Shandong water resources researchers investigated Asia Pacific Senbo pulp and paper

1 (3) the test pieces were placed at the center of the experimental machine ball support board of the national aluminum based materials and products quality supervision center. On October 28, Ji Yafei, a researcher from the water administration and regulation Department of Shandong Provincial Department of water resources, accompanied by Ma Jijun, deputy director of Rizhao Water Resources Bureau, and other leaders, visited Asia Pacific Senbo to investigate the situation of circulating water use

in the exhibition hall of Asia Pacific Senbo, Gao dewu, Secretary of the Party committee and vice chairman of the company, introduced that the base has fallen to less than 20% at present. Asia Pacific Senbo has introduced world-class water treatment equipment and vigorously developed recycled water, with a recycling utilization rate of 90%. After three-stage advanced treatment, the effluent COD is less than 70 mg/L, the water consumption per ton of pulp is only 22 cubic meters, which is a general trend, and the water consumption per ton of paper is less than 10 cubic meters, reaching the international advanced level

Ji Yafei and his delegation fully affirmed the company's achievements in recycling water, and encouraged the company to make persistent efforts, as always, to develop science and technology, explore and innovate, further play the role of the pacesetter in the pulp and paper industry, lead pulp and paper enterprises to save and recycle water, and realize the full utilization of water resources

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