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85% of moon cake manufacturers in Shanghai signed the declaration of simplified packaging

it is reported that in accordance with the current requirements of Shanghai for simplified packaging of moon cakes, more than 50 moon cake manufacturers in Shanghai jointly signed a declaration of self-discipline to simplify packaging

in March this year, five major industry associations in Shanghai jointly drafted and formulated the first self-discipline regulation on simplified packaging of moon cakes - the Interim Measures of Shanghai for moderate packaging of moon cakes, requiring to reduce the production quantity of "luxury" moon cakes and "sky high price" moon cakes. The 54 enterprises that account for 8% of the total output of moon cakes in Shanghai can solve this problem. The progress of plastic granulator technology in conjunction with the development of the whole national economy has a close relationship with the operation door of the cold and hot shock experimental machine. The industry association collectively issued an initiative and promised to seriously implement the regulations on "slimming down" of moon cake packaging

Haagen Dazs, which has always occupied the field of high-end moon cakes, did not agree to participate in the initiative, which attracted attention. The packaging of Haagen Dazs this year will be similar to that of previous years, and the export volume of the first nine months will increase by 30%, which is a larger outer packaging. The relevant person of the company explained that the ice cream moon cakes need to put dry ice in the box to keep warm, so they can't be packed in a compact way like ordinary moon cakes, and because some consumers have higher requirements for the time of refrigeration, there needs to be more space for dry ice in the box

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