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Shandong tire enterprises actively respond to the new EU regulations

on November 1, 2012, the EU general motor vehicle safety regulations and tire label directive will officially enter into force. The implementation of the regulations and labels and the introduction of the test gold rubber plastic leather tensile tester will also put forward higher requirements for the production technology, inspection standards, testing means, etc. of China's exported tires. In the face of the significant impact of regulations on tire enterprises, recently, at the working meeting of the tire and pipe belt industry expert committee held in Weihai, the participating experts and tire enterprises reached a consensus on accelerating the establishment of tire product safety and environmental protection technical regulations and standard systems, and speeding up the implementation of China's tire labeling law. According to the interview, as a national tire manufacturing center, tire enterprises in Shandong Province are actively responding to the high threshold of the European Union

doing a good job of tire rolling resistance testing is the primary problem to deal with the labeling method. Qiaolingling, a senior engineer of triangle Tire Co., Ltd., told that their company entrusted Qingdao Rhine company and other more formal certification and testing institutions to carry out planned certification tests on rolling resistance, noise passing and wet grip performance respectively. At present, their tire rolling resistance test has been basically completed, and the results fully meet the requirements of the first stage of c661/2009 regulation, especially the rapid economic growth of developing countries such as China and India. Some products can meet the requirements of the second stage, and are being improved in terms of structure, pattern and formula design

Lin Xiangyang, chief engineer of Shuangxing group, said that in response to EU environmental protection regulations, the group completed SVHC testing and PAHs testing of all tire raw materials exported to the EU market in November 2009, and designed a complete set of environmentally friendly all steel radial tire compound formula. In response to the implementation of EU tire labeling regulations, their tire rolling resistance test is currently in progress, and the noise detection of tires with various patterns has been completed, and the performance will be further optimized according to the test results

tire enterprises pay attention to the innovation of technical design in the development of new products while understanding the existing products. Qiaolingling said that triangle group applied the latest tire mechanics simulation technology, engraving technology and tire development design verification software to the early design and development process of tires to ensure that products meet the requirements of regulatory performance indicators, shorten the development cycle and improve the success rate of new products on the market. The adjusted tire products will be sent to Xiangfan and other large domestic road test sites for outdoor road performance testing. While meeting the requirements of laws and regulations, they strive to improve the handling and braking performance of tires on dry, wet, snow and even ice roads. They also revised the product R & D process and technical standards, adding index items and innovative technical means required by laws and regulations to the R & D process and technical standards

Zhang Hongmin, President of Shandong Rubber Industry Association, believes that in recent years, major breakthroughs have been made in the production technology of radial tires by international tire production giants. Although domestic enterprises have made considerable progress in technology development, there is still a big gap compared with international rubber giants such as Michelin and Goodyear. Tire testing ground is a special place for outdoor testing of automobile tires, and it is an indispensable and important means to develop high-performance, safe, environmental friendly and energy-saving tires. Each of the world's tire production giants has multiple tire testing sites. So far, Shandong province does not have a tire testing ground, which is extremely incompatible with the status of a major tire production province, and also seriously hinders the improvement of the technical level of Shandong tire industry and the upgrading of products. In order to improve the grade and level of tire products in Shandong Province, it is urgent to build a tire testing ground

President Zhang told Linglong group that it had started the tire testing ground project since 2007. The project site is 26 kilometers away from the new plant area of Linglong Group Co., Ltd., covering an area of 161.2 hectares. If the number of supports is sufficient, 8. There is obvious dislocation on the edge of the joint surface of parts and components, and the project approval is complete. Sailun Co., Ltd. has made preliminary preparations for the construction of the tire test site. As one of the supporting units of the national tire process and control engineering technology research center, the company has strong technical support conditions. The land, capital, technology, etc. of the proposed project have been prepared, and the construction conditions are basically ready. The construction of the two projects plays a significant role in promoting the tire industry in Shandong Province from big to strong

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