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Shangchai company held the 2017 annual business work conference

Shangchai company held the 2017 annual business work conference

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on January 10, Shangchai company held the 2017 annual business work conference, reviewed and summarized the work in 2016, and deployed the key work in 2017. At the meeting, the new vision, mission and values of Shangchai were released, and specific requirements were put forward for the company's cadres. More than 120 people including company leaders, cadres above the second level manager and Party branch secretaries attended the meeting

in 2016, the company firmly grasped the supporting facilities in the industry, actively expanded the external market, and formed a good situation in which the internal and external markets went hand in hand. Innovative work such as national six product research and development, flexible production, R-Series customized production, talent training "dual track system" and "Shangchai Tesco" e-commerce platform went online did not have a negative impact on the cycle time of cladding molding (the same as that of injection molding), which continued to be carried out in all lines. While doing a good job in business, the enterprise carries out in-depth cultural construction activities, guides employees' thoughts and behaviors with new vision, mission and values, and forms a common value orientation

20 adhesion wear, decadent wear and corrosive wear of mechanical parts are closely related to lubrication conditions. The 17 year work will focus on the main line of "internal and external development, transformation and development". First, we should lock in the goal and go all out. Fully guarantee the supporting facilities in the industry, actively expand the market outside the industry, firmly promote technological innovation, solidly build a reputation for quality, continuously improve the operation quality, do a good job in safety and human resources protection, and accelerate the improvement of the operating efficiency of subsidiaries; Second, the agreement stipulates that to ensure that packaging materials are legal, qualified, classifiable and recyclable to the greatest extent, we should base ourselves on the present, plan for the future and take advantage of the momentum. On the one hand, we should rely on the group's strategy to expand the supporting facilities in the industry, have a clear aim, and develop diversified off-line markets in a targeted manner; We should also innovate and develop, and strive to cultivate the three core capabilities of technology, platform and system; At the same time, we should grasp the trend and plan new businesses

general manager Qian Jun put forward three requirements for cadres at all levels: first, unify goals and think clearly about what to do; Second, clarify ideas and grasp how to do it; Third, self pressurization, positioning what to do. He hoped that the cadres should correct their attitude, take action, find possibilities in practical work, create opportunities and take the lead. At the same time, we should have a sense of mission, be good at managing people and affairs, and be the promoter of innovation and change, the terminator of problems, the leader of team development, and the communicator of positive energy

Li Jin, Secretary of the Party committee, comprehensively summarized the party building work in the past 16 years. She pointed out that the basic main line of Party organizations at all levels in the coming period is to "stimulate vitality, pour into the outdoor cone and separate the indoor cone to promote development, integrate into management and play a role". She stressed that the basic method of the party building work in the past 17 years is "to strengthen the top-level design, set up a good platform, and allocate resources; stimulate the vitality of the grass-roots level, focus on results, and face the employees; grasp the core team, improve quality, and expand vision". We should focus on four aspects of work around the company's business objectives: first, ideological education should be consistent with the publicity and implementation of core values; Second, organizational construction is consistent with business priorities and processes; Third, the team building is consistent with the requirements of talent development; Fourth, group work is consistent with the construction of team culture. At last, she hoped that on the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the company, all cadres and employees would "always cherish the original intention, forge ahead", "do what you want, do what you want", take action to "roll up your sleeves and work hard", and turn Shangchai's Centennial dream into reality. (this article is from Shangchai)

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