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2015 will be the most painful year for the boss! Do the boss know more about the market

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core tip: now all traditional enterprises have a very serious sense of crisis, that is, they suddenly can't find the road sign! Do not know how to transform in the Internet era? How to go in the future? Enterprises with good profits worry, and enterprises with poor profits worry even more. The biggest crisis for an enterprise is not the current profits, but whether it can clearly grasp the future

[China Packaging News] now all traditional enterprises have a very serious sense of crisis, that is, they suddenly can't find the road sign! Do not know how to transform in the Internet era? How to go in the future? Enterprises with good profits worry, and enterprises with poor profits worry even more. The biggest crisis for an enterprise is not the current profits, but whether it can clearly grasp the future

to sum up, the core problems encountered by Chinese traditional enterprises in 2013 include 10 aspects:

first, the potential of traditional marketing has disappeared.

no matter in which industry, traditional marketing can not find the potential, which is mainly reflected in the capital market. If your business model is the same as the old one, production, processing, products, investment promotion and advertising, it has already become the work of traditional enterprises, especially large enterprises, and you will do it with your eyes closed. Everyone suddenly felt tired and found that they couldn't get excited. No matter how successful the training is, it is difficult to stimulate the team's fighting spirit. This is the biggest problem, and this is a sign of the end of the traditional industry

anything is not afraid of small, just afraid of no potential. Xiaomi Lei Jun said that if you stand at the right air outlet, the sows can fly to the sky. The air outlet is the potential. Without this potential, the enterprise is a backwater, which is very terrible. How to find the momentum of development in full swing is the biggest proposition for all traditional business owners

second: do not transform and wait for death. Transformation is afraid of death.

transformation has been a rotten word in 2013, but these two words really matter to the life and death of the enterprise. In particular, large enterprises with annual sales of more than 1billion rely on traditional channels and teams, and transformation is not easy. Can you turn it? It's hard. Nokia's corporate culture, management standards and patent innovation are among the top in the world, but why did they disappear? The answer is simple: Nokia disappeared along with the era that made it

for enterprises, there are two types of transformation. First, forced transformation. When problems cannot be solved, enterprises are forced to transform. This kind of transformation cost is very large and painful, but they must die without surgery. The second kind of transformation is the foresight transformation. It is the strong strategic insight of enterprise leaders. Such entrepreneurs are scarce. For example, IBM sold the PC business to Lenovo in those years, which sold a high price in advance when the PC was almost worthless. IBM completed the transformation in advance, which was very successful. But such entrepreneurs are also rare in the world

people are often reluctant to give up their past success and glory. Nostalgia is human nature, but business cannot nostalgia. Li Ka Shing warned his son never to like any industry or business. Often emotional time, is the beginning of failure

third: the senior executives of traditional enterprises are getting older

the average age of the bosses of traditional enterprises in China is over 40 years old, and the senior executives are over 35 years old. These people have rich experience in the traditional marketing field, but the subsequent problem is that they are not proficient in the Internet. The biggest obstacle to enterprise reform lies in these two people. The bottom employees are young people, so there is no problem

senior executives over 40 who work in traditional enterprises may face the risk of unemployment in the next three years, and it is a high probability event. An enterprise, or a person, often fails because of what succeeds. Who can bear the risk of letting the boss replace a group of senior executives and then introduce a group of young people? The consulting companies can't, and the enterprises themselves are trembling. Therefore, this is the contradiction and pain of enterprise transformation

for the newly emerging Internet enterprises, they have no historical burden. They can take the battle lightly, but traditional enterprises can't. what should they do with hundreds of channel dealers across the country? This is the most painful place

fourth: traditional entrepreneurs have no idea about network marketing.

traditional entrepreneurs are uncertain about the Internet. In particular, many bosses don't have or microblog, and they don't feel a sense of achievement about it. There is a wall between new things

in fact, traditional entrepreneurs feel right. So far, Internet e-commerce has not yet produced a 10billion entity group, and only a few new companies have achieved it, such as Xiaomi of Lei Jun. The enterprises on tmall and Taobao are mainly self-employed. If we want Luhua, a 10 billion level enterprise, to transform, we must tell him the 10 billion level Internet operation mode, otherwise the small-scale online marketing will not arouse their interest

behind Lei Jun's and dongmingzhu's 1billion bet is the collision of old and new ideas. Lei Jun's model is the fan economy model; Gree's model is a traditional industrial chain model. It seems to me that there is no answer to who loses and who wins. Gree has accumulated a huge amount of wealth, and tax payment alone is 10billion. If you want to transform, it is too easy. After all, Gree holds the after-sales service system all over the country, which can not be solved by Internet. Therefore, Lei Jun can sell air conditioners that do not need service, but it is a little difficult to sell air conditioners that need after-sales service

I have met many entrepreneurs. They generally have no idea about network marketing. Entrepreneurs dare not invest in uncertain things. Risk is their first consideration. Therefore, I think there is only one way for entrepreneurs to have a deep understanding of the Internet. They can play with the Internet by themselves and pay some money for tuition

fifth: mistakenly regard network as one of the sales channels

I talked about Internet with many traditional enterprise executives, and a large number of them regard Internet as a channel. For example, the bull socket I once served has grown from 300 million to more than 3 billion in four years, following the traditional distribution route. Is it safe? It's not safe at all. Although the concept of safe socket we gave to creativity is very useful in the traditional market, today's era has made bulls very dangerous. For example, if Lei Jun finds that the small socket has a high profit and makes a more beautiful design, taking the ex factory price as the retail price, the bull's distribution channel will be full of sadness. That is to say, Internet is a sales channel, but Internet thinking is a new business model

as Ma Yun said, traditional enterprises often fail to see the Internet model first, then look down upon it, and finally it is too late. Many traditional enterprises are doing this, and the future is indeed very dangerous

sixth: traditional marketing thinking is deeply rooted

facing the future, I would like to advise all traditional Entrepreneurs: do not use the known to deny the unknown

for example, in traditional marketing, products need advertising language, and unique sales ideas need to be refined. These have formed a mindset, especially the graphic design theory. But we found that the power of advertising language in promoting products is getting worse and worse. Can you remember what Xiaomi's advertising language is? Can you recall what the apple slogan is? But both brands have become big

many traditional enterprises still use traditional thinking to do Internet marketing, which is a terrible thing. For example, Mayinglong's video advertisement "Ode to buttocks happiness" was put on the Internet. He thought it was a free measurement verification and calibration pin. In fact, the traditional cannot be more traditional. The sense of creativity is very weak. It is a typical traditional way of thinking and creativity

in fact, it is not necessary to sell on the Internet, but to sell in the Internet thinking mode! What is the Internet way of thinking, that is, the way of thinking that integrates with the target group, that is, C2B, finally forms a fan economy and establishes an enterprise's own fan empire

seventh: the products are becoming more and more difficult to sell.

we checked that the three squirrel snack foods are selling very well. The animation of packaging design and the animation of sales language are full of the innovative spirit of the Internet era. In fact, the nuts inside are no different from those sold on the street. Why do consumers flock to it? Because today's younger generation is not buying products, but a kind of spirit or fun

traditional food is becoming more and more difficult to sell. In particular, many food enterprises with a long history are still engaged in cultural packaging. This practice is pushing enterprises to a dead end. China and Chinese enterprises should no longer sell the traditional culture of the past. It can be used as the background of the brand story, and must not be used as the first appeal

Baijiu is a typical seller of traditional culture. What is the result? The stock of Baijiu has been halved by the market, not because of the alcohol restriction, but because the traditional culture has come to an end. Jiangxiaobai has developed the concept of fashionable Baijiu, which is different from the traditional culture. He only talks to young people and sells it for hundreds of millions, making the traditional Baijiu difficult to understand

creative culture, not traditional culture, will be the focus in the future. Products must be full of human feelings, not self exaggeration and packaging. The product must become a worm in the stomach of consumers in order to be successful

eighth: the five-year strategic plan is meaningless.

every customer has said for years that I will never know what will happen to the Internet tomorrow. He was right. Making annual strategic planning in the Internet era has no practical significance. He lied to himself

today you can see that Alibaba is very popular. It may be replaced in the next year or so. Tencent used to engage in e-commerce similar to Alibaba, but it failed, but today it succeeded. Therefore, with the rapid changes in the interconnection of enterprises, only effective one-year strategies can be formulated, and the changes in strategies and tactics are based on weeks, so as to ensure that enterprises keep pace with the times. Therefore, in the Internet era, enterprises will be more and more tired. Because it is faster and faster, the comfortable days of the traditional enterprise era are gone forever

therefore, I often suggest traditional entrepreneurs that there are two ways out in the future. The first way is to sell the enterprise as soon as possible, just as IBM sells PCs in advance. Now it can still sell at a high price, and it will not be sold in three years. Then I will invest my money in young people to become their shareholders in the fluorosilicone new material industry cluster; The second way out is to take risks to transform and learn from jishijian. You can also engage in Internet at the age of 80. Of course, the premise is that you have good products

ninth: I don't understand business model creativity

because the Internet world is flat and there is no regional market. In the traditional era, we can also be the leader of regional brands. There is no such opportunity on the Internet. Therefore, one business model can only survive one enterprise, which is why Tencent failed to imitate Alibaba. On the contrary, Alibaba imitated and made contacts. I am not optimistic about it

whether we can directly face consumers and create new business models is a test for the transformation of all traditional enterprises. The future is the era of direct selling, and the channel is bound to die out. The three direct selling modes will be successful in the world, including Internet direct selling, people's Union direct selling and community chain direct selling. Without these three direct selling modes, traditional enterprises have no other way out

the era of big distribution will no longer exist in the future, because the existence of channels is due to the lack of logistics and information in the past

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