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A beautiful start to 2016 Weichai light machinery "made a good start" to meet the "national five times"

2016 a beautiful start Weichai light machinery "made a good start" to meet the "national five times"

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at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the cold materials in the ancient city of Yangzhou had a high performance, but could not stop the enthusiasm of the people in Yangzhou for fierce competition and high yield

in January 2016, as Weichai light power manufacturing base, yangchai company ushered in a "good start" in the new year. The market order of "Rui power" reached 12000 units, and the monthly output doubled year-on-year

after several years of hard work, yangchai company has stridden into the harvest season, and its accumulated strength has shown a trend of thinning

in order to ensure the delivery of orders and make a good start to 2016, chairman tanxuguang personally dispatched relevant work, and sent assistant president liuyuanqiang to lead the management team to help Yangzhou, support yangchai company to optimize process, improve management, improve manufacturing level, seize the opportunity in the warm spring of 2016, and realize the new year leap of Weichai light engine business

in three years and three strides, the road of high-end light machinery is becoming wider and wider.

in the gold processing plant of yangchai company, several staff members are arranging a booth with the theme of "I see this year". More than a dozen new engines are neatly placed in the exhibition area, showing the product achievements of yangchai in recent years

among these products, except for 5 old yangchai products, the remaining dozen are all new "sharp power" products developed based on Weichai's "smart power" platform at the fourth, fifth and non road stages. The real machine exhibition gives us a clear view of the historical track of yangchai products along the way

before Weichai became the owner, yangchai had a single product, a relatively concentrated supporting market, and weak R & D strength, which could not meet the requirements of escalating emission regulations. Facing the increasingly fierce competition pattern and increasingly stringent emission requirements, Weichai has accelerated the comprehensive upgrading of Yangzhou light engine sector, invested a huge amount of money, re arranged the product line of yangchai, and created a series of high-end "sharp power" new products. From RA series to wp2.1, wp2.7, WP3, wp3.7, wp4.1, the product chain has been continuously improved and the supporting facilities in all fields have been realized

liuxianduo, general manager of yangchai company, told the author that in the past, yangchai's national second and third products were mainly positioned in the low-end market. After Weichai's strategic merger and acquisition of yangchai in 2009, Weichai seized the opportunity of domestic emission upgrading, accelerated R & D investment, and realized the "three years and three strides" in product development. In 2014, it comprehensively improved the national fourth production and universal testing machine as an automobile testing instrument line; In 2015, it took the lead in opening up the national five markets in the industry; In 2016, according to the plan, the national six products will be laid out and listed

"without huge capital investment and strong R & D team support, it is difficult for ordinary enterprises to complete such a rapid upgrade in such a short time, and it is also an upgrade of a full range of products. In 2016, the arrival of the" national five times "is a great opportunity for yangchai to release its production capacity." Liuxianduo said

it is understood that among the orders in January 2016, 2200 sets were national five products. At present, there are only a few engine enterprises in the industry with mature national five-year technology and capable of mass production, while the National Phase V motor vehicle pollutant emission standard is "a sharp arrow away from the string". The Pearl River Delta has officially implemented the national five year emission regulations since December 31, 2015, and it is expected that key cities such as the Yangtze River Delta will follow up

the sluggish recovery of the market and the rapid upgrading of emission regulations will certainly bring heavy losses to some enterprises, and some will even fail to meet the national 3 Whether the friction ring is loose from the connection with the torque sensor and meets the emission requirements is in a crisis. For yangchai, the industry reshuffle brought about by the "national five times" is not only a challenge but also an opportunity. It is the "favorable time and place" for yangchai to move from the middle and low-end market to the high-end market and occupy a place in the domestic medium and high-end light machinery field

in addition to taking the lead in the national five market, thanks to the advanced layout of Weichai's three-stage non Road products, non road "sharp power" also had a good order performance at the beginning of 2016, especially in forklift, agricultural machinery and other markets, its strong, fuel-efficient, comfortable and other advantages are particularly favored, and customers' order intention is getting stronger

with the strong support of Weichai headquarters, yangchai engine has upgraded not only the emission technology, but also the quality - WP3 engine has been on the market since September, 2014, and has sold more than 10000 units in one year, which can be called "customer harvester"; Wp4.1 engine was honored as "the quietest engine" for its excellent NVH performance in the trial assembly with the bus main engine factory; The off-road three-stage wp2.7 engine has won the heart of Baoli forklift truck with its strength... "Weichai speed" and the strong backing of the high-yield season

if the emission upgrading and accurate prediction of the market are the "favorable weather and geographical conditions" for yangchai to win a beautiful start in 2016, then the all-round coordination between Weichai headquarters and yangchai company, and the superposition and amplification of the strengths of both teams, are the "harmony" for yangchai to strive to lead the industry, It is the strong backing of its market development

on December 26, chairman tanxuguang dispatched the high-yield development of Weichai at Weichai headquarters

on December 28, liuyuanqiang, the leader of the company, organized an elite team of process, lean, quality and manufacturing to Yangzhou to support yangchai and high production

on December 30, Weichai quality was firmly optimistic about the aluminum price and the revaluation of electrolytic aluminum plate. Zhangzhongxiang, head of the market department, led the team to Yangzhou

on the day of arrival in Yangzhou, the dispatched personnel took their places and immediately put into work

this is the coordination speed between Weichai headquarters and yangchai company. This speed is enough to make the 600 kilometer journey from Weifang to Yangzhou almost adjacent

since the strategic acquisition of yangchai, Weichai has not only given great financial support to yangchai, but also made greater efforts to replicate the excellent management mode of Weichai in yangchai, so as to realize the seamless connection and deep integration between Weifang business and yangchai business. In 2015, it successively realized sales and R & D collaboration. This time, taking advantage of the "good start" of 2016, Weichai stepped up the comprehensive sorting of yangchai's production and manufacturing process, so as to do its homework for the future "manufacturing collaboration"

at the same time, at the end of 2015, the year of "winter" in the engine industry, yangchai company welcomed the good performance of ordering 12000 units in the first month of the year. The company was very happy about this. Everywhere in the plant area was filled with the passion of high-yield and big work. On the third day of the new year, yangchai held the kick-off meeting of "working hard in the first quarter to achieve a good start in January"

xunianyuan, Secretary of the Party committee of yangchai company, told the author that the test of high production is not only the manufacturing ability, but also the team fighting ability. With the support of Weichai headquarters, all of us worked together to shoulder the heavy responsibilities, reaping not only economic benefits, but also a more efficient and cohesive team

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