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2015 China stainless steel industry conference was held in Ningde

the 2015 China stainless steel industry conference was held in Ningde, Fujian Province on October 31 for manufacturers of end consumer goods such as automobiles and skin care products. More than 1200 people from domestic and foreign stainless steel raw materials, furnace materials, materials, products, finance, industrial parks and other fields were invited to jointly study and discuss the development prospects of the stainless steel industry

Ningde city is located in the middle of China's mainland gold coastline. It has unique geographical advantages of "connecting the north with the South and going west and East". It is the frontier portal of the Economic Zone on the West Bank of the Taiwan Strait to the economic zone of the Yangtze River Delta. In addition to the "rare" port resources in the world and the 50000 ton logistics wharf near the plant area, it not only facilitates the import and export transportation of raw and auxiliary materials and stainless steel products, but also greatly reduces the logistics cost. In recent years, Ningde City has thoroughly implemented the "three ring" plan, accelerated the construction of "six new Ningde", and maintained a good momentum of "progress in stability, quality improvement in stability and improvement in stability". Over the past three years alone, more than 1000 projects have settled in Ningde, with a total investment of more than 610billion yuan, including Qingshan holdings, Taiwan Yilian, new energy technology, elion resources, Henan Tianguan, South Korea SK, Chinalco group, etc. a large number of well-known large enterprises and groups at home and abroad have invested in Ningde

zhangzhinan, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee and executive vice governor of Fujian Province, said that in recent years, the stainless steel industry in Fujian Province has developed rapidly, and its production capacity has ranked among the top three in China. "Ningde, as the main base for the development of stainless steel in our province, started late, but its development momentum is strong." In January this year, the output value of new metallurgical materials industry in Ningde reached 61.902 billion yuan, an increase of 22.8%. At the same time, the construction of a number of stainless steel projects has also directly driven the development of relevant industries, providing strong support and making positive contributions to the economic and social development of Ningde City

LiaoXiaojun, Secretary of Ningde Municipal Party committee, also said that in the past three years, the new metallurgical material industry in Ningde, which is mainly stainless steel, has an average annual growth rate of more than 22%, and this year's output value can reach 90billion yuan. It has become the leading advantage industry with the fastest development, the largest output value and the strongest staying power in Ningde, and it is also a model for Ningde to build an upgraded industry

it is reported that the production scale of 4million tons/year stainless steel, 4million tons/year hot-rolled stainless steel plate and 600000 tons/year rod and wire rod has been completed and put into operation in Ningde City, and the 2million tons/year cold-rolled stainless steel strip production line will also be completed and put into trial production between the next real clamping devices. The 200 series and 300 series stainless steel smelting and the three-point bending resistant fixture with a bending span of 0 ⑶ 00mm adjustable bearing and indenter have been basically formed Φ 10mm deep processing supporting development system has become one of the three major stainless steel production bases in the province. By 2025, a whole industrial chain system of new metallurgical materials integrating R & D and design, production and processing, logistics and storage, and trade services will be formed. At that time, the national and even global important stainless steel base will be built in Ningde

in addition, a project signing ceremony was held during the conference. A total of 18 projects were signed on stage, with a total investment of 18.75 billion yuan. The project involves the performance of the stainless steel industry compared with the electronic universal experimental motor, the middle and lower reaches, warehousing and logistics, wharf support, etc. Among them, the second phase of qingtuo stainless steel new material project with an investment of 11billion yuan by qingtuo industry, the 200000 ton stainless steel product production line project with an investment of 1billion yuan by Guangzhou Huazhou Haili group, and the high-speed wire rod project with an investment of 650million yuan by Fujian Dingxin industrial company attracted attention

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