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2016 China (Shanghai) International abrasive grinding exhibition

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mechina abrasivesgrindingexpo 2016

2016 China (Shanghai) International abrasive grinding exhibition

time: May 31 - June 2, 2016 location: Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall

25000m2 exhibition area, 600 exhibitors 30000 professional visitors

achieved the largest abrasive grinding industry event in Asia in 2016

csfe- organization


Asian Machinery Industry Association Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society Shanghai Huaye Exhibition Co., Ltd.


ice- eUnited Mercer of the commercial office of Italian Consulate in Shanghai - European Association of metallurgical equipment for bridges and utilization

ice- commercial office of Italian Consulate in Shanghai ah K- Shanghai Representative Office of the German Chamber of Commerce and industry

australia- Australian Trade Commission commercial office of the US Consulate General in Shanghai

franceasiedevelopment (France) seintsrl (Italy)

enterpriseassociatesinternational (UK) rflfair (Turkey)

johnmorrison associates (Australia) Matsumoto C (Japan)

exhibition eventservices (Singapore) negusexpointernational (Russia)

d. (Taiwan) Vietnam Corporation (India)

csfe- exhibition overview

2016 China (Shanghai) International abrasive grinding exhibition will be grandly held at the Shanghai WorldExpo exhibition hall (No. 1099, Guozhan Road, Pudong) from May 31 to June 2. With the requirements of "internationalization, specialization and high level", this exhibition will invite Chinese and world abrasive manufacturers, material and grinding equipment giants to display new products, new technologies and new equipment, so as to help industry executives fully understand the latest trends of the global abrasive grinding industry chain, and create a one-stop procurement platform for products, materials and equipment for visitors

the exhibition exhibits cover abrasive tools and abrasives, raw and auxiliary materials, production equipment, grinding equipment, technology, testing instruments and other fields. It is the most professional and authoritative professional exhibition of abrasive tools and abrasives in China. After more than 10 years of accumulation, the scale of the exhibition has grown day by day. It has developed from a single on-site display platform to an international stage integrating enterprise three-dimensional display and industry interaction and exchange

csfe- review of the previous session

on June, 2015, the exhibition was successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, which lasted for 3 days. The exhibition gathered 312 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions, attracted 27587 professional visitors at home and abroad, more than 10 visiting and purchasing groups, and held a number of industry technical seminars at the same time, which was the highest in the past years. It is worth mentioning that we can see the presence of foreign friends everywhere, and we can feel that the internationalization of the exhibition has reached a new level

csfe- scale of this exhibition

the planned exhibition area in 2016 is 25000 square meters. The scale of 600 powerful exhibitors and 30000 professional visitors creates a direct and effective trading platform for abrasive grinding enterprises

csfe large buyer invitation program

a number of professional associations organize a group to visit. In addition, professional associations from Germany, South Korea, Japan, India, the United States, Malaysia and other regions will also bring overseas buyers

for the effect of the exhibition, the organizer specially set up a call center to invite visitors and screen them layer by layer to ensure that the buyers, ranging from radios and MP3 players, are more targeted and professional. The professional overseas audience organization team will invite high-quality buyers from Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East to meet the needs of various exhibitors

use the 500000 high-quality audience database and the industry data of authoritative media to send mass invitations, faxes, text messages and e-mails to all target audiences for carpet invitation

csfe- exhibition scope

◆ abrasives and abrasives

ordinary Abrasives: Ceramic abrasives, resin abrasives, rubber abrasives, and xiezhicheng, vice mayor of Nanjing municipal government, said that bitter earth abrasives, grindstones, grinding heads, sand tiles, grinding paste, etc

superhard material products: diamond grinding wheel, cubic boron nitride wheel, diamond grinding disc, diamond saw blade, diamond cutter head, diamond engineering bit, diamond grinding roller, grinding wheel, grinding block, soft grinding blade, diamond electroplating products, diamond grinding paste, diamond wire drawing die, diamond tool, cubic boron nitride tool, diamond rope saw, etc

Coated Abrasives: dry abrasive paper, dry abrasive cloth, water-resistant abrasive paper, super coated abrasive paper; Semi resin abrasive cloth roll, full resin abrasive cloth roll, water and oil resistant abrasive cloth roll, abrasive metal abrasive cloth roll, extra soft abrasive cloth roll, paper-based abrasive belt roll, shaped abrasive belt, sand disc, disc, leaf wheel, grinding disc, elastic sponge grinding block, etc

corundum: natural corundum, garnet, brown corundum, white corundum, black corundum, chromium corundum, zirconium corundum, single crystal corundum, microcrystalline corundum, titanium corundum, barium corundum, praseodymium neodymium corundum, sintered corundum, semi brittle corundum, etc

metal abrasive: stainless steel shot, cast steel shot, aluminum shot, steel wire cutting shot, grinding shot, zinc shot, lead shot, nickel based alloy shot, copper shot

silicon carbide (boron): black silicon carbide, green silicon carbide, cubic silicon carbide, cerium silicon carbide, silicon carbide for electrical purposes, boron carbide, etc

superhard materials: natural industrial diamond, artificial diamond and its micro powder, cubic boron nitride and its micro powder, PCD, PCBN, CVD diamond film and thick film, etc

◆ grinding equipment and technology: various grinders, grinding centers, tool grinders, grinders, polishing machines, honing machines, precision grinders, dressing and balancing devices, sandblasting machines, coolants, grinding fluids, etc

◆ production equipment

corundum smelting furnace, silicon carbide smelting furnace, crushing and grinding machine, magnetic separation and screening equipment, mixing and forming equipment, kiln and other firing and hardening (sulfur) equipment, grinding wheel processing equipment, artificial diamond press, shape selector, screening machine, magnetic separator, shaking table, hot press, cold press, sintering furnace, welding machine, etc

◆ testing equipment, measuring and testing devices: magnetic material analyzer, susceptibility analyzer, impact toughness tester, magnetic separator, abrasive cleanliness tester, vibrating screen machine, sand blasting hardness machine, sand wheel turning machine, balancer, wheel end run out tester, grinding performance tester, etc

◆ raw and auxiliary materials: bauxite, alumina powder, quartz sand, coke, graphite, pyrophyllite, hexagonal boron nitride, catalyst metal powder, top hammer, etc; Mold, metal powder binder, saw blade matrix, ceramic, resin and rubber binder, binder, paper or cloth matrix, etc

◆ industrial tools: tools for various external surfaces made of cemented carbide and superhard materials, hole processing tools, gear processing tools, cutting tools, general tools, forming tools, generating tools and accessories

◆ tools: manual tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, steam protection tools, etc

csfe-- focus on the audience industry

industrial equipment manufacturing, agricultural equipment manufacturing, aerospace, marine and military industry, electronic and electrical appliances, new energy equipment, power equipment, building materials and furniture, steel smelting, geological exploration, petroleum and petrochemical, automobile, motorcycle, household appliances, casting, forging, fasteners, electronics, bearings, instruments and meters, sports equipment, medical treatment, hardware and other industrial parts enterprises

csfe-- charging standard

exhibition area

international area

domestic area

advertising fee

indoor light floor

USD 350/㎡ 36 ㎡ minimum rent

RMB 1300/㎡ 36 ㎡ minimum rent

back cover (color)

¥ 20000

standard booth


US $4600/piece

18 ㎡

RMB 25600/piece

back cover (color)

¥ 15000

15 ㎡

US $5800/piece

24 ㎡

RMB 34100/piece

cover three (color)

¥ 12000

18 ㎡

US $7000/piece

27 ㎡

RMB 38400/piece

color inside pages

¥ 8000


double sided openings will be charged 10%. For other advertisements, please refer to the station or consultation

conference fee: 300 yuan/person (including exhibition service, souvenirs, conference catalogue and a set of visitors' business cards)

csfe- contact us

Shanghai Huaye Exhibition Co., Ltd.

address: Room 806, 408 Shitai Road, Shanghai



contact person: Linsen

e-mail:linsen135@ address:

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