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2016 China International Information and Communication Exhibition and ICT China high level forum

nowadays, the rapid development of new technologies and new businesses represented by cloud computing and big data has put forward higher requirements for the new generation of information infrastructure data centers. Setting up, constructing, operating and maintaining data centers with high reliability, high availability, high service quality and high energy efficiency in the process of enterprise development by the vast majority of entrepreneurs, selecting personalized, high-performance and low-cost IT equipment for different upper application types, and coping with the challenges posed by virtualization and other technologies to traditional data centers has become the focus of attention and the key to competition

the 2016 China International Information and Communication Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Pt exhibition) hosted by the Ministry of industry and information technology will be held from September 20 to 23 at Beijing China International Exhibition Center (jing'anzhuang) which also includes the automobile industry, small and medium-sized electronics and home appliance manufacturing industry. The official forum of the exhibition and the special data center of the Davos ICT China high level forum in the ICT field will be held. This forum is composed of the data center alliance, China Post and Telecommunications Equipment Group Corporation Jointly organized by the cloud computing development and policy forum, hebaohong, executive vice chairman of the data center alliance, and zhangbinghua, chairman of the odcc open data center committee will be invited to attend the meeting and deliver keynote speeches. At the same time, in order to commend the enterprises that have made outstanding contributions in the fields of service, energy conservation, design, green and low carbon, a special award evaluation activity for the data center is specially held. The details are as follows:

I. The award setting

the awards are tentatively set as follows. The evaluation committee can add or delete awards according to the on-site evaluation and friction and wear testing machines

star of new energy in data center

star of network equipment in data center

star of comprehensive management in data center

star of reliable guarantee in data center

star of service quality in data center

star of server in data center

star of innovative design in data center

star of green low carbon in data center

star of cloud computing data center

II. Application requirements

1 The scope of participation is for domestic enterprises related to the data center industry chain

2. The participating units have made outstanding achievements in the applied awards

3. The materials provided by the participating units for applying for awards are true and valid

4. The sponsor of the conference can participate in the award free of charge

III. award evaluation method

it is understood that the

award evaluation adopts the evaluation method of the evaluation committee

(1) the review committee is composed of leaders of relevant government departments and experts from third-party organizations in the industry. As required, well-known technical experts in corresponding fields in the industry are invited to review as individuals

(2) a review meeting will be held in mid August to invite the applicant enterprises to conduct a meeting or on-site defense

(3) the final review result shall be subject to the review of the actual Review Committee

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