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2016 Hongrun Hainan happy trip

in April 2016, our production department staff organized a group to set foot on the plane to Hainan to visit the beautiful Hainan Island which attracted us deeply with sunshine, sand beach and waves. As soon as I got off the plane, looking at the blue sky and facing the warm coconut wind, the scenic spot I had been meditating on for a long time came back to me involuntarily: the beautiful Wuzhizhou Island, the sacred Guanyin in the South China Sea, the white sand beach in Yalong Bay, a pillar in the South sky, the ends of the earth, too many. We got off the plane at Haikou airport. Since it was late afternoon, we didn't arrange a specific trip that day. Under the guidance of our guide, we settled in a hotel in the urban area. In the evening, we went to a specialty store to buy parade equipment such as sun visors, swimsuits and beach pants, and visited the night scenery of Hainan

the next day, we drove from Haikou to Sanya. On both sides of the road, there were tall and upright coconut trees. The top of the trunk was covered with coconuts. Some of the huge green coconut leaves were straight up, and some seemed like open arms, as if they were welcoming our guests from afar. Looking at the blue sky and white clouds outside the window, the coconut trees swaying in the wind and full of ANA, a tropical breath is coming. Ah, this is Hainan, the tourist destination I yearn for. Here I am. Looking around, most of the fields along the road are planted with coconut trees, which are the symbol of Hainan and the main tree species in Hainan

after more than two hours' drive, we came to the first stop of this tour - Boao Yudai beach. Located at the mouth of Wanquan River in Hainan, it is a naturally formed beach peninsula with a long and narrow terrain. It is located in Boao, Hainan. The South China Sea is boundless outside, and Wanquan River and shamei inland lake and mountain scenery are reflected inside and outside, forming a strange landscape. We have to admire the uncanny workmanship of nature. On the one hand, Wanquan River, Jiuqu River and longgunhe river go to sea, on the other hand, there are the surging waves in the South China Sea, and the long and thin jade belt beach lies quietly in it. Isn't it a miracle that a narrow, long beach has been steadily lying between the river and the sea for thousands of years? The trip to Yudai beach ended with the blessing of prosperous financial resources reaching the three rivers and prosperous business reaching all over the world

in the evening, it's really pleasant to walk on the Yalong Bay Beach, which is known as the Oriental Hawaii, and step barefoot on the fine and soft sand as white as jade. There are many tourists here, some standing barefoot in the snowy spray and taking photos as souvenirs. Some took yachts to gallop on the sea, some put on diving suits and dived into the depths of the sea to have close contact with the sea. They took photos with coral in the sea. This is an unforgettable moment for life. The whole artistic conception of blue sky, white clouds, blue sea, soft sand and coconut trees is vividly presented in front of us, which is the intoxicating coconut wind and sea charm

on the third day, we went to Nanshan Buddhist culture center in the morning. It is located at the foot of Nanshan Mountain, the extension of Wuzhi Mountain, facing the vast South China Sea. As the saying goes, happiness is like the flowing water in the East China Sea, and longevity is not as old as the pine in the south mountain. In the Cultural Institute, we worship Guanyin with gold and jade, visit the crystal relic tower, visit the God of wealth hall, feed peace pigeons, and wish our family peace, health and happiness. On the seaside Island, there stands a 108 meter high Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. It is as white as jade and consists of three facades. One side holds a book to symbolize wisdom; One hand twists the Buddha beads to symbolize compassion; Holding an olive branch high on one side symbolizes peace. It is the treasure of Zhenhai in the South China Sea, protecting the peace and happiness of Hainan people. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Our delegation visited many Buddhist themed scenic spots and ate a vegetarian meal in the hospital at noon. We may not all believe in Buddhism, but after the visit, we were really intoxicated by the Buddhist culture and were baptized wholeheartedly. After lunch, we finally drove to the remote corners of the earth where we had dreamed for a long time. Here, the coconut trees are whirling, the sea water is clear and blue, and there are many strange stones. After the main experimental force is removed, blocks of stones stand on the Bay Beach, and a huge stone stands at the end of the world, the Cape and the southern sky, towering and spectacular. The sea waves are rolling, and the white waves are impacting the coast and boulders. A couple, old or young, are walking on the beach hand in hand. What a picture it is. This zigzag stress corrosion testing machine can carry out zigzag tests on large-scale samples and even prototype samples. It is warm and comfortable, just like the hand carved on the boulder at the entrance, and echoes with the son as he grows old together

on the fourth day of the trip, we went to Wuzhizhou island by boat. Wuzhizhou island enjoys the reputation of the first diving base in China. The underwater world is colorful, with the most well protected ecological coral reefs in China. The central slope of the island is winding and tangled with vines. It is a tropical plant forest. In the West and North, a winding jade belt shaped silver sand beach is formed. The sand is uniform and fine, and the sea water is bright and moving with distinct layers. There are many reefs in the East and south, and the waves beat the shore. The beautiful natural wind on the island can be used for tensile test, pressure test and bending test light. There are all kinds of distinctive holiday villas, wooden houses, swimming pools, seafood restaurants and other applications. Diving, semi diving sightseeing, sea fishing, water skiing, sailboats, motorboats, banana boats, beach motorcycles, water parachutes, beach football, water bicycles and other entertainment projects bring us primitive, quiet Romantic and dynamic leisure experience

time flies, and the five-day Hainan tour is coming to an end unconsciously amid laughter and laughter. The fifth electromechanical: the excellent electronic universal experimental motor machine adopts the exchange servo speed regulation system. We packed our bags and said goodbye to Yalong Bay, Hainan, the blue sky, the sunshine, beach and waves of Hainan with infinite reluctance Sitting on the plane, looking at the beautiful Hainan through the window, I told myself goodbye to Hainan and I would come again

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