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2016 China sugarcane mechanization Expo opened in Liuzhou. 2016 China sugarcane mechanization Expo opened in Liuzhou. In order to further accelerate the mechanization of sugarcane production, promote the R & D, promotion and application of sugarcane machinery, and strengthen cooperation and exchanges at home and abroad, 2016 China sugarcane mechanization Expo opened in Liuzhou International Convention and Exhibition center on the morning of December 10. The Expo lasts for 2 days

how many manufacturers know about Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and major sugarcane growers in major sugarcane producing areas in Guangxi, Hainan, Guangdong, Yunnan, domestic and foreign sugarcane machinery distribution enterprises and sugar factories, relevant provincial (city, district) agricultural machinery competent departments, agricultural machinery appraisal and promotion departments, relevant scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, major sugarcane producing cities and sugarcane production base counties in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region? Heads of (municipal and district) governments, agricultural machinery and sugar industry departments, relevant units directly under the autonomous region and major sugar industry groups attended the event. It is estimated that the number of visitors will exceed 20000

this Expo is divided into three parts: the first is to show the mechanized equipment for the whole process of sugarcane cultivation, management and collection. Well known sugarcane machinery manufacturers at home and abroad were invited to participate in the exhibition. The participating machines and tools are: land treatment machinery, land preparation machinery, sugarcane planting machinery, intertillage management machinery, plant protection machinery (including flying plant protection machinery), sprinkler irrigation machinery, sugarcane leaf crushing and returning machinery, sugarcane leaf peeler, sugarcane harvester, ratoon sugarcane pipe machine, sugarcane leaf picking and bundling machinery, processing and supporting power machinery, etc. At the same time, in order to highlight the characteristics of products, the Expo has set up a special area for mountains and hills and a special area for Guangxi sugar industry. Second, a seminar on the whole process mechanization of sugarcane production was held. Senior experts, well-known scholars, government officials, enterprises and user representatives at home and abroad are invited to exchange information, latest trends and research results of the sugarcane production mechanization industry, and discuss the whole process mechanization solutions. Third, carry out on-site demonstration of mechanized cultivation, management and collection in the whole process of sugarcane production. Organize the on-site operation demonstration of the main sugarcane cultivator, seed, pipe and harvester at home and abroad

to improve the mechanization level of sugarcane production is the main means to solve the high cost of sugarcane production and the weak international competitiveness of the sugar industry in China. For this reason, the state has specially printed and distributed the production and development plan for major sugar cane producing areas, and listed Guangxi and Yunnan as major sugar cane producing areas for planning and construction. The national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of agriculture led the establishment of the inter ministerial coordination mechanism office, and held a special meeting on August 4 this year to study and deploy sugarcane mechanization. It reflects that 1 the national standard stipulates that the temperature of the specimen forming room shall be kept at 20 ± 0, and the relative humidity shall not be lower than 50. The temperature of the curing box or fog room for curing the specimen with mold shall be kept at C ± 0, and the water temperature of the specimen curing pool shall be within C ± 0. The national level should attach great importance to the mechanization of sugarcane production

2016 China sugarcane mechanization Expo opened in Liuzhou

Guangxi is the largest sugar cane production base in China. The sugarcane planting area and output have accounted for more than 60% of the country for 9 consecutive years, involving more than 20 million sugarcane farmers. The holding of this Expo is a major measure for Guangxi to ensure the safety of the national sugar industry and respond to the national strategic deployment. It will certainly play an important role in accelerating the mechanization of sugarcane production, improving the competitiveness of Guangxi and China's sugar industry, and promoting the sustainable development of the sugar industry, which is of far-reaching significance

this Expo is the first special exhibition in the field of sugarcane mechanization, which has attracted great attention and enthusiastic response within the industry. World famous agricultural machinery enterprises such as Case New Holland and John Deere were invited to participate in the exhibition. Domestic well-known agricultural machinery enterprises such as Zoomlion, Guangxi Liugong Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., China Shouxin (Guizhou) Modern Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd., Luoyang Chenhan Agricultural Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Keliya modern agricultural equipment Co., Ltd. also signed up for the exhibition when the temperature was 6 ℃. use σ B (PA) said that all major sugarcane producing areas actively organized groups to participate in the exhibition

this Expo is jointly sponsored by China Agricultural Mechanization Association, China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association and China Agricultural machinery circulation association, and jointly undertaken by Liuzhou Municipal People's government, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Agricultural Mechanization administration and sugar industry development office

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