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The precise troubleshooting service of Liugong was highly praised by customers

the precise troubleshooting service of Liugong was highly praised by customers

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in February, the sun was shining in Israel, and all major construction sites were busy. At this time, a Liugong loader in operation had a drive axle brake failure, and Liugong's Israeli dealer requested technical support. After receiving the "police", Liugong southeast Europe Office responded quickly and sent service engineers to the construction site in Israel for disposal that night

after the commissioning inspection, the service engineer found out the cause of the fault and eliminated the fault (as shown in the figure below). Subsequently, the service engineer gave technical guidance to the dealer's service personnel, and trained the users on the matters needing attention when using the equipment. Customers spoke highly of Liugong's efficient service quality and believed that Liugong was a trustworthy brand

the precise troubleshooting service of Liugong was highly praised by the customer

after the on-site treatment, the service engineer learned that the customer also had a Liugong excavator nearby for crushing operation. He didn't bother to take a rest, and together with the dealer's service personnel, he made a comprehensive inspection of the excavator to ensure that the whole machine was in the best condition. It seems to be a simple daily after-sales service work, but it is the embodiment of Liugong's technical service strength to overseas customers in the overseas market

in recent years, Liu gei's lead screws on both sides, together with a series of products such as butter loaders and excavators, have continued to enter Israel. Israeli customers highly recognize the excellent performance of Liugong products. Sales orders of Liugong products in Israel continued to soar. Due to the hot climate in Israel, hard geological rocks, heavy working conditions of construction machinery and strong work, it has driven the healthy development of all steel trade ecology, which not only challenges the reliability and stability of Liugong products, but also puts forward higher requirements for Liugong's after-sales service and guarantee ability. We are confident to do our best

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