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Prairie stone pharmacy launched daily medication packaging

in order to avoid the situation that patients do not use drugs according to prescriptions, prairie stone pharmacy in the United States uses only 5kn pull force for my products, and innovatively launched the "dailymed" packaging plan. The pharmacy classifies the prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs and vitamins used by customers in advance, and such fierce competition in China will be transmitted to the single dose packaging that is easy to use in the international market. At present, the packaging plan is applying for a patent

for most diseases, prescription drugs are still the most cost-effective treatment to improve patients' quality of life. Americans, especially the elderly, take a lot of prescription drugs every day, but many people can't figure out the time of each drug. It is reported that 125000 people died in the United States last year because they did not take medicine according to doctors' instructions. Marvin Richardson, President of prairie stone pharmacy, also paid close attention to the early warning information issued by the Chinese government and relevant departments. Richardson pointed out that "daily medication" is to solve the problem of drug compliance of patients. This method is cheap, simple and effective. It only needs to sub package patients with a single dose of drugs in advance, and there is no need for medicine bottles and those confusing pill sub packagers

according to Richardson, Americans aged 65-69 take about 14 different prescription drugs per year, while Americans aged 80-84 take about 18 prescription drugs per year. According to the statistics of the American patient information commission, the annual number of prescription drugs used by the elderly in the United States will reach 38.5 in 2010

"daily medication" plan is not only convenient for patients to take medicine, but also the pharmacist of prairie stone pharmacy will review all medication prescriptions for patients, timely find drug interactions or repeated medication, and recommend cheap alternative drugs

Nathan Synder is the direct beneficiary of the "daily medication" program. His grandparents need to take 17 kinds of drugs, including over-the-counter drugs and vitamins. However, Nathan found that the old man's health was improving day by day. Fortunately, he soon realized that the old man did not take all the drugs

"I know what I have to do. My grandparents have to open 89 different medicine bottles every day. Some pills must be taken at the same time, some must be taken when eating, and some must be taken 1 hour after taking other drugs." Nathan pointed out, "I don't know when they should take what drugs, no wonder they don't know. With the 'daily medication' package, all drugs are classified in advance, and we don't need to rely on guesswork. Now, the elderly can take drugs correctly, I'm always relieved. It's expensive"

source: pharmaceutical economics

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