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Cuiping District, Yibin City, Sichuan Province, the intersection of Jinsha River and Minjiang River, has an urban population of more than 300000, accounting for about half of the total population of the region. Cuiping District Federation of trade unions takes labor protection as a breakthrough, innovates the mechanism of labor union rights protection, and generally carries out labor protection work in the community, which is a good start

earnestly maintain the life safety and health of the broad masses of workers

there are thousands of lines above and a needle below. The trade unions in districts, cities and counties have fewer people and more things, and they face the grass-roots directly, which is the key link for the implementation of all work to the grass-roots level. Only by focusing on mechanism construction and taking the hot spots and difficulties concerned by the broad masses of workers and staff as the entry point of trade union work can we win the trust and support of the party and government, the support and participation of the masses of workers and staff, and the trade union can be attractive, centripetal and cohesive

1. Community labor protection organization guarantee. The District Federation of trade unions and the sub District Federation of trade unions have established a joint meeting system with the government and sub district offices respectively; The district labor, trade unions, economic and trade unions and the Federation of industry and Commerce have established a consultative meeting system on labor relations; The labor protection supervision and Inspection Committee of the trade union, which is composed of the labor security, safety supervision, health, economic and trade departments, has been established, and we have long-term cooperative relations with the trade union and the direct use of customers by middlemen dealers; Eight sub District Federation of trade unions have established labor protection supervision and inspection committees and 79 community trade unions have established labor protection supervision and inspection teams

2. Construction of labor protection system. In practice, we have gradually established and improved the "working system" and "system" of labor protection. Generally speaking, the labor protection supervision and inspection committees (groups) of trade unions at all levels, such as districts, streets, communities, enterprises, etc., are responsible for the work, so as to ensure the smooth development of labor protection supervision and inspection of trade unions in the community with a complete system

the needs of community workers have promoted the construction of trade union organization and labor protection system

in the past, trade union work was a blank in the community. Due to the adjustment of industrial structure, new social strata such as laid-off and unemployed people, urban migrant workers and urban self-employed workers were mostly concentrated in the community. However, the "geographical" community is different from the "linear" structure of enterprises and institutions in the traditional sense. Disharmonious labor relations, including labor protection, occur from time to time in the community. The new labor force in a weak position is eager to organize and join trade unions. Trade unions are the product of labor relations, and harmonious labor relations are the objective requirements of building a harmonious society. Therefore, the formation of trade unions in the community has mushroomed in Cuiping District. Zhongwang has launched technical cooperation with many car manufacturers such as golden brigade bus. The establishment and development of community trade unions, in turn, promoted and promoted the establishment and improvement of the street Federation of trade unions. This spontaneous, bottom-up trade union organization system, which is relatively few in domestic ncm811/nca enterprises, is the due meaning of harmonious labor relations and harmonious communities. For example, the trade union of Yongquan community in the south of Cuiping District, which had dozens of members at the beginning of its establishment in 2001, has grown to 575 members now, and the trade union members account for more than 95% of the total number of community workers; Xianxi community trade union was established in July, 2002. At present, it has received more than 510 new members, including 312 laid-off and unemployed people. For a long time, the labor protection of trade unions and the supervision of government work safety and occupational health have been in a weak link in the community. Therefore, at the beginning of the establishment of community trade unions, the most direct and most concerned safety and health interests of workers and staff have been regarded as the "first maintenance" of community trade unions. At the beginning of this year, the sub District Federation of trade unions and the community trade unions respectively signed a letter of management of safety production objectives to strengthen supervision and inspection. At present, 8 sub District Federation of trade unions and 79 community trade unions have established and improved labor protection inspection committees or groups. The members of these supervision and inspection committees or groups have worked and lived among the broad masses of the community for a long time. They are the most familiar with the safety production situation in the community and the needs of the broad masses of workers in the community for safety production. Being close to the masses is more likely to affect the masses. They play the role of safety "sentry" and "co management", It has great influence on safe production and civilized production in the community. In order to give full play to the role of labor protection inspectors of community trade unions, the Cuiping District Federation of trade unions timely formulated the "job responsibilities of labor protection inspectors of community trade unions" to strengthen guidance and services. At the same time, together with the safety supervision, labor, health and other departments, 79 community labor protection inspectors were trained, assessed and issued certificates to make them responsible, powerful and powerful. Only trade union labor protection inspectors with high quality can adapt to, promote and promote the safety production work in the community. If the community labor protection inspector finds that a resident's roof beam is broken and the frame is pulled apart, which has serious potential accidents, the community trade union actively assists in its rectification, and carries out follow-up visits at any time to ensure the safety of people's lives and property

strengthen publicity and create a strong community safety culture atmosphere

the community is the forefront of social publicity for safety production and labor protection. The trade unions in Cuiping District, Yibin City organize community trade unions to regularly carry out "legal aid day", "Legal Publicity Day", "safety production week", as well as the production safety law, the occupational disease prevention law, the labor law, the trade union law "Industrial injury insurance regulations" and other relevant labor protection laws and regulations "anniversary" publicity activities. Go deep into schools and kindergartens to publicize traffic safety and fire safety, popularize traffic laws and regulations, fire prevention knowledge, and how to alarm and escape safely. The content is simple and applicable, and you can learn it at once, which enhances the safety awareness and self-protection ability of "the future of the motherland". Care about the labor protection of flexible employment groups, carry out safety education for decoration, decoration and cleaning personnel, and strictly wear protective articles to ensure safety and health. For example, in response to the five laid-off workers who have been engaged in the climbing and cleaning work of Zhongshan Street Primary School for a long time, who reported that they did not have necessary safety protection supplies at work, the Xianxi community trade union contacted the school in time and was properly resolved. Hold regular or irregular work talks with government agencies and institutions, exchange views with each other, and actively explore the labor protection work of government trade unions. Integrate community safety into community cultural life organically. Many communities have also set up community publicity teams alone, and some communities have also set up community elderly publicity teams to publicize safety stories and accident cases around them to the community masses in the form of songs and dances, sketches, literary and artistic performances, rap and other forms of joy, which not only enriches the amateur life of the masses, but also happily publicizes the party's and the state's work safety guidelines and policies, It has spread labor protection and safety knowledge, and received a subtle effect. According to statistics, in the past few years since the establishment of the community trade union, the region has organized 24 large-scale publicity activities, distributed more than 7000 copies of various publicity materials, and issued rights protection cards and hand cards

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