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The fourth environmental protection exhibition of Sumitomo rubber of practice enterprise society held

the fourth environmental protection exhibition of Sumitomo rubber of practice enterprise society held 8 product certificates, stacking and Transportation Office

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on June 2, 2019, Changshu Binjiang New City Jiangnan impression, laughter attracted people to stop, Sumitomo rubber (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sumitomo rubber) and the local government jointly organized the fourth environmental protection public benefit exhibition here. Under the theme of "6.5 World Environment Day", the performance not only displayed Sumitomo rubber environmental concept and practice, but also enriched the cultural life of citizens and enhanced public awareness of environmental protection in its own way

employees' self performance and environmental protection concepts converge among them

this public benefit show is the fourth consecutive environmental protection public benefit show held by Sumitomo rubber to improve the proportion of revenue from high-performance and high value-added products, which has received strong support from the local government. Changshu plastic flexible packaging materials industry is large but not strong, and technological innovation is the key. Leaders of the economic and Technological Development Zone were invited to attend the event and delivered a speech, calling on citizens to improve their awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation, Develop a new social trend of low-carbon living and consumption. All programs of this show are performed by Sumitomo rubber company employees and their children. In order to achieve the expected effect of the show, Sumitomo rubber staff carefully arranged each program of the show, including sketches, Allegro, and the combination of children's programs "suitable for all ages", which ignited the enthusiasm of the scene

in order to better practice the enterprise society and enhance the attention of car owners to tire safety, Sumitomo rubber also specially set up a tire spot inspection area to provide tire product display and technical specialist interpretation, and popularized the basic knowledge of safe use and maintenance of tires for car owners to voluntarily inspect tires

uphold the three concepts to maintain the green development of enterprises

as a world-renowned tire enterprise, it has two tire brands, Dunlop and Falken. Since entering the Chinese market in 2002, Sumitomo rubber has always pursued both environmental protection and scientific and technological innovation. With the three concepts of "low energy consumption", "raw materials" and "energy conservation" as the axis, Sumitomo rubber has developed environmental protection technologies, created fuel-saving products, and provided safe, reliable and environmentally friendly tire products for consumers

in addition to environmental protection products, Sumitomo rubber is also constantly improving the pollution control ability of tire production process, building a green factory, and comprehensively implementing the concept of environmental protection. Sumitomo rubber has formulated a number of environmental policies to build a green, ecological and harmonious modern chemical plant with the goal of building a sustainable "regional symbiotic enterprise". Among them, the waste treatment system of Sumitomo rubber Changshu factory has reached the industry-leading level. Passed ISO14001 (environmental management system) certification in 2010; Since 2012, various targeted tests have been carried out to strengthen the odor control effect; In 2015, it passed the iso50001 (energy management system) certification, becoming the first factory in Changshu to obtain this certification

by fulfilling the corporate society, Sumitomo rubber closely combines the corporate environmental protection concept with the brand image, making it easier for people to travel, making more people pay attention to environmental protection, and making contributions to the green industry. After the environmental protection public welfare art show, Sumitomo rubber also plans to hold a series of themed public welfare activities to continue to pay attention to green environmental protection and make greater contributions to building a better local environment

in the future, Sumitomo rubber will continue to adhere to the concept of "tires can contribute to the earth's environment", continue to fulfill the corporate society, and create a new benchmark for environmental protection and energy conservation

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