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Practical knowledge about packaging design (2)

such as folk paper cutting or traditional silk patterns, or Chinese painting art, can be used. However, it is not a copy, and a breakthrough must be made

creative innovation mainly refers to the innovation of packaging carrier or manufacturing process. In terms of carriers, enterprises should pay attention to the fashionable green food packaging. In terms of technology, it is mainly the improvement of process modeling, as well as the cartoon and visualization of children's food packaging

in short, in order to achieve the attractiveness of packaging in sales promotion and improve its charm, we must constantly innovate in packaging decoration design, constantly inject new cultural connotation, and constantly enrich hydroxide: aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, new members and new patterns of basic magnesium carbonate packaging family, so as to ensure to improve the charm and appeal of this product in the hearts of consumers, and then achieve the purpose of promoting products

here are some factors that constitute a good packaging design from the perspective of actual design

I. design of main exhibition surface

suppose a carton has six sides. It usually needs to decorate five surfaces (the bottom does not need decoration). A container has one to three labels. Up to five or six. They are not treated equally. With the different exhibition areas. In order to attract the sight of the collector. And determine the main development (Trial mold and production are likely to get different results if different raw materials are used) surface design. The main exhibition areas always appear on the side facing consumers. With its positioning method. Consider the emission positions of trademarks, product images, manufacturers, etc. It is clear at a glance. Because the main exhibition area is relatively small. At the same time, it is a commodity image. The decoration pictures should meet the requirements of green packaging: reduce waste pollution; Solve the environmental protection problems of solvents; The problem of recycling quickly introduces goods to consumers. It is directly expressed by means of words and close-up images. Among similar products, the first to jump into the eyes of consumers, the main exhibition often appears eye-catching brand names and trademarks; Several fresh and delicious fruits appeared. A tempting drink and a wisp of long hair floating in the wind. Even adopt the method of opening skylight. Directly display the image of goods. Increase its publicity role. In packaging and decoration design. The main exhibition areas play a leading role in advertising

II. Overall design

however, the main exhibition areas should not be isolated. On the whole package. It is still a part. An important part. The package is three-dimensional. People see the packaging from many angles. While considering the main exhibition surface. Consider the relationship with other aspects. Considering the overall image of the whole package. Through the coherence, repetition, echo and segmentation between words, graphics and colors. Form the whole composition

1. A carton packaging, its front and back become the main exhibition. However, if the width of the side is equal to the main exhibition surface, sometimes the same design is used. Become exactly the same main exhibition. Get a unified feeling from any angle

2. Mainly positive and negative. The side shows the ingredients, functions, weight, instructions for use, shelf life, batch number of each competent department and other explanatory words of the goods. From the perspective of formal elements and constituents. There should be connections and differences. Produce rhythmic changes. And embody the guarantee of science and quality

3. The text, photography, illustrations and patterns are arranged across the face, connecting several faces into a main body. A large main exhibition area. And the picture of each side is complete. This design is displayed in the store. The combination of different aspects is used to form a large advertising picture and achieve a strong vision. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has always given customers these guarantee effects and played the propaganda role of pop

4. The labels of containers are generally divided into body marks, chest marks, shoulder marks, abdominal marks, neck marks, top marks and Gaima marks. Stick one to three on a container. There are various shapes of stickers, including body logo, chest logo and abdomen, which are flat, oval and rectangular. There is a shape determined by the shape of the container. There is also a circle around the container. The shoulder mark and neck mark are mostly rectangular, fan-shaped, oval, round, etc. The number, shape and size of labels are closely related to the shape of containers. The main labels of containers generally refer to body marks, chest marks and abdominal marks, which are adopted according to the design needs, because relatively speaking, their area is the largest

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