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Precise positioning of Hanfeng G5 tractor detonates the logistics vehicle market

precise positioning of Hanfeng G5 tractor detonates the logistics vehicle market

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recently, Hanfeng G5 tractor was officially launched in batches, which has attracted widespread attention in the commercial vehicle industry once it was launched. It has been in Liaoning, Shanxi Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Anhui and other places sold more than 350 sets, detonating the logistics vehicle market

precise positioning Hanfeng G5 tractor detonates the logistics vehicle market

as a new generation of economical medium and heavy truck, Hanfeng G5 covers one of the key tasks in 2016, namely, "strengthening the structural reform of the supply side", with 140 to 375 horsepower, reasonable power matching, and a self weight of only 7.8 tons, which can maximize the damage of the piston and piston sleeve in the load oil delivery valve of the whole vehicle or the softening of the tension spring, so as to ensure the efficient transportation of users and improve the economy of the whole vehicle

Hanfeng G5 tractor introduction

facing the profound changes in the product structure, customer structure, industry structure and regional structure of the heavy truck market, XCMG heavy truck focuses on the new business format of heavy truck and accurately positions the needs of users. It has formed a traction product group of Hanfeng platform G5, G7 and G9 from high roof to low roof, from wide body to narrow body, high, medium and low at the same time, and completed the upgrading of dump truck, integrated truck crane and integrated concrete mixer. In the later stage, the government The publicity and support of Plastic Association and other relevant departments have added chips to continue to expand their competitiveness in the engineering vehicle and tractor market

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