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Prady: CNC machine tool innovation and adherence to achieve high-quality development of enterprises

at present, China's economy is in a critical period of transforming the development mode, optimizing the economic structure, and transforming the growth momentum. Throughout the modern and contemporary history of the world, the innovative development, transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry are the main force for most developed countries to promote industrialization and modernization. This has great enlightenment for the development of China's real economy, and plays a key role in the construction of China from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power

for the mechanical equipment industry, high-quality products and innovative technology are the core. Prady CNC Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Prady CNC") as a leader in the industry, has been recognized by customers from all walks of life

from the early days of its establishment in 2008 to now, 11 years of innovation and perseverance have made Prady a gold lettered brand. Speaking of Prady, this is his lifelong career, and he has focused on it for more than ten years. "Prady is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of intelligent equipment and complete sets of automation equipment. From the early scroll spring fatigue testing machine maintenance period, the door and window curtain wall, intelligent household appliances, auto parts industry, and in recent years, it has continued to make efforts in the field of rail transit and aerospace, has been focusing on the deep processing equipment of aluminum profiles, and continues to improve and transform in the direction of deep processing equipment in the aluminum industry."

new energy vehicle battery tray profile processing center

with the increasing demand for industrial aluminum, the application field is expanding year by year, the requirements for the accuracy and strength of aluminum profile production are also rising, and the production equipment and technical level are becoming more advanced, which means that the mechanical equipment will usher in a new round of change

Prady firmly seized the market development opportunity, "there will be pain in the transformation from building profile to industrial profile, but I believe that the long-term development of the enterprise needs to break through itself and change the current situation. In the future, Prady will continue to forge ahead in the field of aluminum profile deep processing equipment." President Li said

it is understood that Prady is particularly focused on the research and development of domestic blank technologies, constantly challenging technical difficulties, breaking through the limitations of the personalized needs of the industry, and introducing international cutting-edge technologies and processes. The innovative development of the whole brand has a great influence on the field of deep processing equipment. President Li said that in addition to deep-processing of aluminum profiles, Prady will follow the aluminum industry in the future. How to distinguish mechanical experimental machines? Increase R & D investment in profile application. "With the improvement of industrial level and scale, industrial materials are also rising year by year. At present, Prady has CNC machine tools such as profile CNC composite machining center, CNC gantry machining center and vertical machining center, as well as the development and application of complete sets of equipment such as rail transit, Xinneng ② ground wire interference control source automobile and smart home, and continues to make efforts in new application fields."

it should be newer and faster than others. The research and development speed of mechanical equipment should always "run" ahead. The correct prediction of the industrial competition pattern and industry trend has enabled Prady to grasp the development opportunity and become the leader of the industry

the magic weapon to win the market: talent strategy and technological innovation

equipment manufacturing is the "heart" of industry, and innovation in the field of mechanical equipment is an important part of enterprise development. It is innovation persistence that has become Prady's "magic weapon" to win the market. The best example of innovation is Huawei. When it comes to Huawei, our hearts are surging. As a national enterprise, Huawei is growing bigger step by step, and then going abroad to face the world. The rise of Huawei, whether system software or 5g mobile communication technology, is beyond the reach of other enterprises. To become an unbeatable Huawei, talent and technological innovation are fundamental, and President Li's innovation concept coincides with Huawei

president Li believes that "innovation capability is not simply technological innovation, but an innovation mechanism that supports enterprises to achieve sustainable development, involving all-round management and application capabilities such as system, technology, market and management innovation." For example, Prady's market strategy, management mechanism and after-sales service layout all revolve around technology. "In the process of establishing the innovation mechanism, Prady pays the most attention to people who have been monopolized by international giants such as Henkel, Dow Corning and 3M. The development of enterprises has always been inseparable from the improvement of talents." He said

"China is a great country with a population of nearly 1.4 billion. Is China short of people? No, it lacks talents." President Li's unique views have just hit the pain points of many enterprises. Having high-tech talents will be a sharp weapon for any enterprise to accelerate its progress. In this regard, Prady attaches great importance to the cultivation of fresh blood. "Over the past ten years, we have accumulated rich experience. At the same time, we continue to explore and cultivate promising young people, introduce talents, cultivate talents, and retain talents to create greater value for the enterprise. Prady has also established a corresponding incentive mechanism for technical personnel." The accelerating accumulation of innovative elements has continuously enhanced the kinetic energy leading the development and quality improvement of Prady

move towards the high-end direction to achieve the long-term development of the brand

today's world has entered the era of quality revolution and brand economy. Demand upgrading drives value creation, and value creation leads demand upgrading. Strengthening brand building and providing brand products and branded services are just important means to meet the needs of people in pursuit of quality life

when talking about brands, Li always said, "brands are crucial in product sales, investment expansion, fund-raising, talent introduction, team cohesion and enterprise development, but the brand composition is multifaceted. First of all, we must return to the quality of the enterprise - products. Therefore, Prady has always been at the forefront of the industry in product research and development, providing customers with better customized products."

in addition to the research and development of the product itself, in order to improve the added value of the enterprise brand, Prady also provides customers with processing applications, capacity optimization, etc., expanding the scope of services to meet the diverse needs of customers

quality is the life of an enterprise, and Prady insists on "grasping both innovation and quality". In the interview, President Li emphasized product quality. "Quality is the core factor in the development of Prady. Prady has always been demanding high standards for quality management with foreign enterprises. In order to maintain the long-term development of the enterprise brand, R & D, quality, service and technology leadership are all important factors."

constantly create, in order to better adapt to market demand; Make continuous efforts to provide customers with appropriate solutions to meet customers' requirements for production efficiency, product accuracy and stability. "For the future development of the industry, we should innovate in the added value of products, move towards high-precision and cutting-edge direction, pay attention to the fine processing of aluminum alloy products, extend to higher fields such as industrial level, aviation level and military level, and realize new breakthroughs in technology and process." This is Mr. Li's thinking about the industry

looking forward to the hot trends in the industry is also one of Prady's "skills". Prady predicted the market potential of high-precision equipment in automotive lightweight and other fields a few years ago, and focused on the development and application of intelligent equipment and complete automated equipment

president Li said that "Prady's use of intelligence and interconnection in the equipment enables customers to monitor the equipment in real time and eliminate faults in time." In the field of intellectualization, President Li also has his own view: "intellectualization should be seen in stages. At present, the intellectualization of the industry is still in the primary stage: first, at present, there is no product with particularly high stability in the control system in China; second, some key parts still need to be broken through." In his view, there is a long way to go for intellectualization, but enterprises cannot stop exploring and moving forward

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