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Pre sale ipason/climb i7 7700/gtx1070 desktop DIY host use evaluation

pre sale ipason/climb i7 7700/gtx1070 desktop DIY game assembly computer host complete set

limited grabbing thunder snake key mouse smooth eating chicken, the following collection of some comments from friends, for the reference and comparison of friends in need

although solid-state batteries have higher energy density and safety. First, how about the pre-sale ipason/climbing i7 7700/gtx1070 desktop DIY host? Is it easy to use

first use experience: I've been worried about the bad computer, but this time it surprised me very much. The same configuration is more than 1000 yuan cheaper than my friend's. It's equipped in a physical store. Today, I received the goods and couldn't wait to assemble them. It took only 6 seconds to start the machine. It was so fast that I didn't have any friends. For the first time, I connected the monitor to the motherboard. It didn't play the performance of the graphics card. After the guidance of customer service, g) automatic saving: after the experiment, the monitor received the socket at the graphics card below, and the running score unexpectedly reached more than 290000

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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II. Pre sale ipason/climbing i7 7700/gtx1070 desktop DIY game assembly computer host

Product Name: climbing brother Intel B250 7700

cpu main frequency: 3.0GHz and above

cpu model: 7700

cpu core number: four cores

cpu type: intel/Intel Core i7

motherboard brand: asus/ASUS

motherboard structure: m-atx

warranty period: 36 months

memory brand: critical

memory type: ddr4

memory frequency: 2400mhz

brand: climbing brother

sound card brand: asus/ASUS

sound card interface type: other

heat dissipation side Formula: water cooling

automatically measured the cooling equipment brand at the beginning: climbing brother

graphics card brand: colorful/seven rainbow

video memory bit width: 256bit

video memory type: gddr5

chassis brand: climbing brother

chassis type: middle tower

chassis structure: ATX

manufacturer: for plastic film Wuhan climbing brother Technology Co., Ltd.

power supply 80 plus certification: not supported

power brand: great wall/long City

hard disk brand: critical

hard disk type: solid state hard disk

configuration type: crazy game type

motherboard chipset type: Intel B250

memory capacity: 8GB

graphics card type: independent graphics card

independent graphics card model: other

video memory capacity: 8GB

hard disk capacity: 256gb

optical drive type: no optical drive

power supply: 500W

graphics card series: GTX 1070

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