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Pre coating technology leads the new trend of printing

nowadays, the printing industry is increasingly aware of environmental protection, and the development and application of pollution-free Pollution free "Green" materials and processes are imperative. There are many disadvantages in the film coating technology and equipment that have been used in China. In view of the development of film coating technology in the domestic direction of cleaning film coating processing, easy recycling of film coating products, ultra-thin adhesive layer, diversification of decoration methods, and multi-function of film coating equipment, it is expected that in the production technology of steel wire universal testing machine, the film coating will eventually replace the traditional film coating technology with its many advantages -

that is, there are disadvantages in the coating process

the coating is to stick the transparent plastic film to the surface of the printed matter through hot pressing, forming 10 ~ 20 μ M film plays a role in improving the quality and added value of printed matter. Film covered products have the advantages of waterproof, convenient transportation and storage. Nowadays, the film covering market and application fields mainly include three aspects: publications and printed matter, various packaging products, advertising and Digital Express Printing

as an important means of post press finishing, film coating technology has driven the development of material production, equipment manufacturing, production management, scientific and technological research and other fields. However, there are many disadvantages in the coating technology and equipment that have been used in our country at present. I believe everyone will have a definite understanding of this after reading it. For example, benzene is contained in the coating solvent, which causes great pollution to the production site operators and the atmospheric environment, and there are fire hazards; Harmful substances left in products will also have adverse effects on the health of consumers; The equipment has low degree of automation, many manual operations, low production efficiency and high energy consumption; The process level of equipment and consumables is low, resulting in extremely unstable product quality and easy foaming and folding; The quality of film covering material is low. Poor gloss, clarity and color brightness

it is understood that 80% of China's papermaking fiber now comes from recycled waste paper, including paper wool, paper edges, etc. In the printed matter, the amount of paper used for the cover of books and periodicals is also huge. If a large number of films are used (especially coated film covering materials), and the paper and plastic film cannot be separated, the waste paper covered with films, paper edges and paper wool will not be recycled and degraded

difference from traditional process

pre coating technology is to pre coat hot-melt adhesive on BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene film) in a hot-melt state in a professional manufacturer. After cooling and curing, it becomes a new coating process that can realize firm adhesion by reheating and pressurizing. At present, it has been applied to the field of pharmaceutical and food packaging

the difference between the instant coating process and the pre coating process is that the instant coating type is directly pressed after coating the adhesive. The precoat type is hot pressed after drying the adhesive after coating. The solvent-free hot melt adhesive pre coating dry composite process and the lotion adhesive wet instant composite process concentrate and simplify the composite production process into a single hot pressing. The core technology of lotion adhesive wet instant coating process is mainly embodied in coating, cold pressing and drying

the use of pre coating will not produce any polluting gases and substances in the process of coating the printed matter, and will not pollute the environment. The pre coating process can provide high-quality products. The non-toxic and tasteless environmental protection characteristics decide that it can be widely used in the packaging of books, food, tobacco, alcohol and drugs, and will not pose a potential health threat to consumers; It has strong adhesion; The color saturation can be greatly improved, and the competition between regions and raw materials will further increase and the surface gloss; There will be no bubbles, folds, falling off and other phenomena in production; Simplify the production process and purchase channels, and eliminate the use and blending of adhesives, solvents, thinners and other auxiliary materials; No drying, energy saving, no fire hazards; It has the advantages of strong powder eating ability, improved film covering speed, short downtime, low scrap rate, easy operation of film covering process, labor saving and relatively cheap. Therefore, the pollution-free, reliable and convenient hot melt adhesive and its products increasingly show its advantages

at present, China still mainly uses that is, film coating technology, but in view of the development of film coating technology in China towards the direction of cleaner film coating processing, easy recycling of film coating products, ultra-thin adhesive layer, diversification of decoration methods, and multifunctional film coating equipment, pre coating film is bound to have broad development prospects in China with its many advantages

will eventually replace the traditional film coating process

at present, the promotion and exhibition of pre coating technology in China is relatively slow. Although the comprehensive performance of the pre coating method is better than that of the film coating method, the current situation of the domestic film coating industry shows that the vast majority of domestic enterprises still widely use the film coating process. China's pre coated products account for only 5% of the film covering market, and their development is regional, mainly in Guangdong and Fujian. Reasons affecting the rapid development of pre coating technology in China. There are mainly the following aspects

first of all, the technology started late, and the technical level, process flow and equipment requirements can not keep up with the development of pre coated film. The second is the price factor. The cost of pre coating is higher than that of coating. The last reason is the lack of domestic laws to enforce industrial environmental protection. These factors lead to the slow promotion of the precoating process

as an environmental protection technology, the pre coating technology has been popularized and applied abroad, especially in developed countries. Now the coating process has been banned in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, and the pre coating process has been fully adopted: 100% of the pre coating process is adopted in the United States and Europe, and Asia has also begun to slowly expand the use rate of the pre coating. Now 60% of Japan and 50% of South Korea use the pre coating process. From the perspective of foreign development trends, precoating and laminating technology will eventually replace the traditional laminating technology

therefore, experts believe that printing enterprises should actively introduce new technologies, apply new processes, promote the development of pre coating technology, strengthen the ability of surface pretreatment, develop new materials, and improve the recyclability and environmental protection of materials. At the same time, we should also actively learn from foreign advanced technology and experience, completely change the current situation of domestic film covering, actively adopt pre coating technology, and promote the development of domestic film covering market. 1. Fulfillment standard: hg2369 (9) 2gb/t17200 (1) 997

the improvement and development of the film covering market will not only promote the post press process, but also benefit the public. Therefore, both producers and users should actively cooperate to promote the development of precoating film, and finally improve the overall level of post press and even the whole printing process

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