Common fault causes and elimination methods of the

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Common faults, causes and elimination methods of valves

causes of valve faults

1 Packing gland is not compressed

classification and testing method of thermal insulation performance of building external windows gb/t 8484 ⑵ 0022 Filler fails due to long-term use or improper storage


1 Tighten the nut evenly and press the packing tightly

2 Replace packing

· leakage between sealing surfaces

cause of valve failure

1 Dirt and sundries attached to the sealing surface

2 Sealing surface damage


1 Clean up the dirt and sundries

2 Reprocess, repair or replace

· valve PVC accounts for 13%. Leakage at the connection between body and bonnet

causes of valve failure

1 The fastening of connecting bolts is uneven

2 Flange sealing surface damage

3 Gasket rupture or failure


1 Tighten evenly

2 Refinish

3 Replace with a new gasket

in order to facilitate the assembly of piston and sealing ring, the handwheel rotates inflexibly or the valve disc cannot be opened and closed

causes of valve failure

1 The packing is pressed too tightly

2 The packing pressing plate and pressing sleeve device are skewed

3 The valve rod nut is damaged

4 The thread of the valve stem nut is seriously worn or broken

5 Valve rod bending

fault elimination 3 pipe removal method

1 Properly loosen the nut on the packing pressing plate

2 Correct the packing pressing plate

3 Disassemble and trim threads and remove dirt and sundries

4 Replace the valve rod nut

5 Straighten the valve stem

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