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Precise detection ensures the quality of plastic products

surface detection of plastic film

plastic film occupies a considerable share in packaging, agriculture and other applications. In the forming process of plastic film, in order to ensure the quality of film to reach the required level, processors often require quality control at the entrance and exit of the machine to detect the surface defects of the film in rapid rolling. The new generation of ELSIS inspection system of erhardt+leimer company is specially designed for film quality control. Through this system, the camera can reliably detect tiny defects, such as holidays, gel, white spots, small holes, insects, black spots, scratches and other defects

elsis's camera system responds very quickly, which can meet the very special requirements of moving format surface inspection. With special special lighting system, as well as supporting integrated mechanical system and electrical system, it meets the strict needs of thin film manufacturing and testing. ELSIS specially refers to user-friendly elements in its design, and pays special attention to the operability of the operation interface. All entries and display components are arranged logically, and only the important functions of the main menu and submenu are displayed. According to the permission limit level, each user is provided with a preset interface for his task. The configured functions include defect distribution map, defect icon, display of defect size, defect distribution statistics, defect classification, defect gray-scale map, formula selection, whole volume overview, defect statistics and diagnosis to save cost, etc

the camera for detection and the special lighting system can detect the extremely small defects of the film in the rolling in advance

through the recording standards of various defect reports in the ELSIS system, such as volume agreement: date, weekly, shift and monthly reports, single volume agreement, format segmentation agreement, defect statistics of single or all defect classifications, vertical or horizontal segmentation statistics of defect distribution, agreement of only one type of defects Selecting protocol 1st/2nd, histogram and trend can provide a large amount of useful data. After inspection, all data collected by the system are stored in the MySQL database

quality inspection of plastic pipes

in recent years, China's plastic pipe market has developed very rapidly, and the output has also increased rapidly. Many pipe extrusion manufacturers have made great efforts to improve product quality, especially to control the dimensional stability of products. Sikora, which has rich experience in the extrusion production of plastic pipes, recently launched the company's smallest processor system ecocontrol 600, which is specially designed for an independent production line with high productivity in the production of plastic pipes

ecocontrol 600 can be used with other sikora products to measure plastic pipes with higher depth

ecocontrol 600 is equipped with a serial interface for connecting sikora measuring devices, such as laser 2000 or LED 8025 XY. In addition, the measured value of bump detector lump2000 can be read through two digital contacts. The measured values are clearly displayed on the 8.4 "tft monitor in numerical and graphical form. Moreover, the length trend diagram and single value distribution diagram (statistical distribution curve) are also drawn for all measured values, and the minimum and maximum values, average values, standard deviations, CP and CPK values and other statistical values are displayed. The operation process is driven by the menu through the touch screen

in the production process of plastic pipes, all production line components need to meet the best conditions, and no compromise in measurement technology is allowed. For this purpose, sikora company combines ecocontrol 600 with laser 2000 to measure the diameter in two or three measurement planes, or with LED 8025 XY to measure the diameter and concentricity of transparent products. Combined with lump2000, which measures convexity and concavity, ecocontrol 600 can meet extremely high quality control requirements and help greatly reduce costs. Data can be easily transferred to the production line computer through Ethernet interface or USB drive. The hard copy of the production quality status can be output by the printer. Sikora can provide ecocontrol 600 in several language configurations

color and light measurement system achieves beautiful paint surface

in the automotive manufacturing industry, it is often a very serious challenge to apply a consistent high-quality shiny paint on the exterior of the car. Since the introduction of metallic paint, pearlescent paint and other flash coatings in the 1970s, because ordinary optical instruments are difficult to cope with the flash paint surface, how to accurately determine its color and appearance has become a difficult problem for automotive suppliers and manufacturers

with ma98 handheld spectrophotometer and xDNA system, the problem of color difference of automobile flash paint can be easily solved

recently, taking the cylinder mounted main engine as the platform, X-Rite company launched the xDNA system with ma98 handheld spectrophotometer in order to save the time and cost of automobile manufacturers and suppliers in the application of flash paint. Automobile manufacturers often spend a lot of time and money on maintaining the color consistency of body, bumper, automobile dashboard and other components using flash paint. Because they have no instrument to measure the different visual effects of painting under different illumination and observation angles. The quality control personnel on the production line may be able to find the paint color difference of the car body and bumper, but the original instruments cannot give accurate and consistent measurement data to explain the cause of the color difference

"through xDNA, aseli can provide automobile manufacturers and suppliers with appropriate tools to identify the characteristics of flash paint, which cannot be detected or rarely analyzed by other systems." Brian teunis, marketing manager of the industrial color and appearance Business Department of aseli, said, "We created the term 'xDNA' to highlight the fact that every kind of flash paint has a unique three-dimensional mathematical model, which is very similar to everyone's unique DNA structure. The exact name of this suit of aseli is dynamic numerical analysis, but we think xDNA is more palatable." Teunis also pointed out that the software of xDNA system with ma98 has multiple language versions, and aseli will first introduce xDNA system with ma98 to automobile manufacturers and suppliers in the United States and Europe. However, the package may also be applied in other industries, including home appliance manufacturing and cosmetics color matching

The main component of the xDNA package is the ma98 new spectrophotometer, which uses twice the light source angle and the number of sensors as the previous instruments. In addition, the x-co screw selects a low speed (about sr/min) to reduce wear. The lorqc software package can process all the data of xDNA to generate simple and understandable charts, indicating the unique characteristics of a certain flash coating. The new xDNA suite provides manufacturers with reliable and consistent data. From the perspective of hardware, ma98 is a spectrophotometer with an accuracy of 31 points, which is designed for convenient use in factories. The instrument weighs about 1kg, and its body is made of soft plastic surface materials. It is used with both hands. Factory production personnel can use this instrument frequently and comfortably for measurement. (end)

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