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Precise audience invitation and build an efficient platform. 2021 China Chengdu Construction Expo invites you to join the industry event in April next year

precise audience invitation and build a high-efficiency platform, such as a platform with heavy iron quality. 2021 China Chengdu Construction Expo invites you to join the industry event in April next year, paint,

precise audience invitation and build an efficient platform, 2021 China Chengdu Construction Expo invites you to join the industry event in April next year

November 26, 2020

with the national advocacy and high attention to green buildings and the attention and demand of consumers for healthy smart homes, Chengdu Construction Expo once again shoulders the important task of promoting the development and innovation of building materials and home furnishing industry and leading the industry vane. The 21st China (Chengdu) construction and Decoration Materials Expo (CCBD for short) will be grandly held in Chengdu western China International Expo City on April, 2021, and will continue to provide an efficient, pragmatic and convenient business platform for the large household construction industry in the central and western regions

invite high-quality professional visitors accurately through multiple channels and build an efficient business docking platform

China Chengdu Construction Expo, as the longest and largest large-scale home construction industry conference of the same type in the central and western regions, has been continuously recognized by the industry for its professionalism. It is the preferred platform for large home decoration enterprises to seek professional agents, build business partnerships, and promote brands and products. Through one-to-one online precise invitation, in-depth market publicity and promotion, business association document support, group visits, industry summit forums, exhibitors' linkage, China Chengdu Construction Expo invites agents/dealers, manufacturers/manufacturers, decoration companies, real estate, construction engineering companies and other professionals to visit and exchange, so as to maximize the benefits of exhibitors

(1) a pair of online visitors must invite professional visitors to ensure the quality of visitors

China Chengdu Construction Expo has been successfully held for 20 years, with a cumulative audience data of 800000, mainly agents/dealers, manufacturers/manufacturers, decoration companies, real estate, construction engineering companies and other professional visitors from Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan and Guizhou. The organizing committee has a call team with more than 50 fixed seats. In the early stage of the exhibition, professional visitors are invited to visit and negotiate one-on-one through, e-mail, SMS, etc

(2) go deep into the major professional markets in Southwest China to expand the penetration and breadth of the exhibition industry

the organizing committee will organize a professional promotion team to carry the exhibition publicity materials to carry out carpet promotion, face-to-face communication, and invite them to visit the exhibition in large home furnishing industrial parks, centralized markets/stores and all parts of the central and western provinces, cities, districts, counties, etc. in Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou, etc, Make every effort to strengthen and consolidate the industry penetration of China Chengdu Construction Expo

(3) the decorative building materials market/Association/school/Chamber of Commerce docking, the implementation of the visit group to the meeting

in the 20 year development process of China Chengdu Construction Expo, it has formed partnerships with more than 1000 building materials decoration cities in central and Western Provinces, cities, districts and counties, as well as more than 150 non corrosive media industry associations/chambers of Commerce and media units. The organizing committee cooperates with relevant government units and industry organizations, Actively use its policies and industry resources to provide more advantages for the exhibition. At the same time, government units, industry associations/societies/chambers of Commerce, etc. will notify their subordinate units or member enterprises to organize groups to visit by issuing visiting documents

(4) online + offline all media publicity and promotion to maximize coverage

China Chengdu Construction Expo carries out continuous publicity of the exhibition throughout the year through online + offline multi-channel. In terms of we media publicity, the organizing committee established the exhibition publicity system through official accounts, official account, H5, Tiktok, headlines, Weibo, accurate advertising, express direct mail, mail and other ways. In terms of media publicity, the organizing committee has reached a long-term publicity cooperation with 920+ industry media and mass media. In addition, it has increased publicity investment in central and western provinces and cities, reached in-depth cooperation with Jiuzheng building materials and building materials business, continued publicity and reporting, and cooperated with buyers in organizing work. In terms of similar exhibitions, more than 50 similar exhibitions are held every year, covering publicity and promotion, and buyers are invited to visit. In terms of outdoor advertising in professional markets, we have reached cooperation with a number of professional markets and subway media in central and western provinces. Now wall advertisements, barrier advertisements, subway advertisements and TV advertisements have been released one after another. Continue to strengthen the brand influence of the exhibition, ensure the quality of visitors, and help exhibitors achieve win-win trade cooperation and brand promotion

(5) attract high-end people from the industry to the meeting with high-level forums and other activities

adhering to the concept of holding a 10 point electrostatic sensitive exhibition of some electronic parts and circuit boards committed to the development of the central and western industries, a series of high-level and wide-ranging summit forums, award ceremonies, work exhibitions, store training, seminars will continue to be held during this exhibition, with a total number of 30+ events. At that time, authoritative figures of industry associations, such as China Building Materials Circulation Association, China five mineralization import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Sichuan prefabricated building industry association, Sichuan interior decoration association and other senior and industry experts will attend the meeting to explain relevant national policies and promote the interaction between supply and demand in the industry. Real estate developers and designers will also gather to discuss the selection of the latest experimental machine accessories for indoor and outdoor design, Jointly display the excellent works of designers

in just three days, more than 30 special activities will be held. While promoting industry exchanges, it will undoubtedly invite high-end people from the industry to the meeting

(6) actively explore high-quality business matching services

the Organizing Committee of China Chengdu Construction Expo is responsible for organizing and inviting agents with procurement and agency needs, decoration companies, real estate development enterprises, design institutes, etc. to watch the exhibition, timely releasing the latest information of the exhibition, providing preview of exhibits, recommending brand exhibitors, etc., so as to promote the business connection between exhibitors and high-quality visitors at the exhibition site, Provide efficient and convenient participation experience for exhibitors and visitors. The 21st China Chengdu Construction Expo will launch a more comprehensive and in-depth "CCBD business precise matching conference" at the exhibition site

at present, the exhibition recruitment work of 2021 China Chengdu Construction Expo is in full swing. Big brand quality enterprises have preempted to book the booth next year, and many exhibitors apply to expand the booth area, full of confidence and expectation for the exhibition effect next year

new product release, latest trends, product innovation, original design display From a single mode of promoting business exchanges to multiple elements in one, providing a competitive stage for major brands and leading the improvement of brand value, China Chengdu Construction Expo has gradually moved towards a higher platform. The 2021 China Chengdu Construction Expo has a total planning of 12 pavilions +3 exhibition areas, an exhibition area of 150000 square meters, 1600 + exhibitors, and 110000 + professional visitors. On April, the Western China International Expo City invites you

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