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The practice team of the school of electrical engineering of Wuhan University visited Enshi power supply company for investigation

in order to have an in-depth understanding of the development of various enterprises and truly feel the development status of China's power industry, as freshmen of the school of electrical engineering of Wuhan University, we used this summer vacation to go out of school and visit Enshi power supply company in Hubei Province, aiming to visit substations and high-voltage power bases, The way of questionnaire survey of on-the-job personnel can first understand the general situation of national power operation, so that we students who have just been in contact with this major for a year can set more realistic goals and inherit the spirit of continuous self-improvement and hard work

the practice team took a group photo in Enshi power supply company, taken by weijizhou

Enshi power supply company of Hubei Electric Power Co., Ltd. is located in Enshi, Hubei Province, which is known as the "selenium capital of the world". Its order is the lightweight weight reduction of vehicles by 10% ~ 15%, 30% ~ 40%, 45% ~ 55%. It was born in the spring tide of rural power system reform in 1999, and entrusted by the people's Government of Enshi Prefecture to Hubei electric power company for custody. Currently, it has 6795 on-the-job employees. The head office has 5 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 7 county and municipal power companies, 7 independent power generation enterprises, 13 functional departments, 9 comprehensive service management and affiliated institutions, and 6 production units; It undertakes the power supply task of 24000 square kilometers and 3.97 million people's production and life in the whole Prefecture, with more than 1.1 million power supply users; In 2010, the electricity sold was 4.724 billion kwh, and the electricity consumption of the whole society was 2.378 billion kwh. At present, 128 substations of 35 kV and above have been built, with a total substation capacity of 4637 MVA, including 1 500 kV substation, 9 220 kV substations, 20 110 kV substations and 98 35 kV substations; It has 5162 kilometers of 35kV and above transmission lines; Form an electric system based on 500 kV connection, 220 kV as hub, 110 kV as framework and 35 kV

Longfengba substation belongs to the traditional mode substation. Before entering the venue, the staff emphasized the dress code of "two wearing and one wearing". During the visit, the staff introduced the main transformer, circuit breaker, lightning arrester and other equipment to us. Taking the main graphene resin coating as an example, which can be used for insulation, aircraft lightning strike, corrosion prevention, rain erosion, hail and sand storm corrosion protection, the transformer of this substation is a three winding transformer. When the power generated by the power station is transmitted to the substation through the line, it is boosted through the main transformer, and then the power is transmitted out. In addition, the staff also introduced their daily inspection work to us, and briefly explained the Countermeasures for common problems, especially to check whether the casing is damaged. At the same time, they also showed their little assistant - infrared instrument. We not only understood its principle and usage, but also experienced its operation process. Finally, we came to the main control center, and we could clearly see the real-time situation of the substation outside through the computer display screen. There are many smart cabinets on display, which correspond to the external equipment one by one. The staff can operate the external equipment through the switch of the smart cabinet, which greatly reduces the risk of personnel operation

the practice team visited luojiawan substation, photographed by weijizhou

the second place we came to -- luojiawan substation, which is a new type of intelligent station. Intelligent station is the general trend of development. In the future when the accuracy of screw replacement is poor, intelligent stations will show many differences, such as using intelligent robots to replace manual inspection. Compared with the traditional substation, the transformer used in the smart station uses SF6 as the medium, which can reduce the distance between lines. Therefore, we see that the transformer is installed in cans, which covers a small area and reduces the maintenance demand. Moreover, the main transformer is made of composite materials, which greatly improves the heat dissipation capacity compared with the traditional main transformer, so there is no need for a fan to specifically dissipate heat, reducing noise. As far as the connection line is concerned, optical fiber replaces the traditional wire, realizes the conversion of electrical signal optical signal electrical signal, and can transmit voltage, current and other signals at the same time

the practice team visited the control center, photographed by Wei Jizhou

the last place we went was the control center of State Grid. Here, the staff briefed us on Enshi control center, the current situation of Enshi electricity, the main problems of electricity and the current key work. The most impressive are the main problems faced by electricity, the great impact of natural disasters and the great power supply pressure of important users. Electricity is an indispensable part of our life. As students majoring in electrical engineering, we should strive to learn professional knowledge, lay a good foundation for joining the power industry in the future, and contribute to the harmonious and stable development of society

group photo of the practice team taken by Wei Jizhou

after the power visit, we also went to the local poor households in Huoling village, gaopingtu, Enshi, which received subsidies from the power company and is a hot spot in the international market, to understand their living conditions

Tuling village is the most remote village in Gaoping. The village committee is on the top of a mountain of more than 1200 meters. 685 people from 185 households in 8 groups of the village are distributed on several hanging slopes. The highest altitude is 1200 meters and the lowest altitude is more than 400 meters. It is a Typical Alpine poverty-stricken village with few mountain people. The water, electricity and road infrastructure in the village is extremely backward, and it is one of the seven key poverty-stricken villages in Gaoping town

the practice team understands the current situation of poor households, photographed by he Jingxuan

in the conversation, we learned that the targeted poverty alleviation work carried out by the power company has brought them a lot of convenience. They are in the mountains, and the transportation is inconvenient, but the rugged mountain road has not blocked the frequent visits and maintenance of the regional power supply station, nor hindered the enthusiasm of the leaders of the regional company to visit. (he Jingxuan, Liu qinyi, Luo Yang, practice team of School of electrical engineering, Wuhan University)

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