Common fault detection II of braking system of the

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Common fault detection of micro car braking system (II)

III. braking noise

1 precision has become the goal of the plastic extruder industry The roundness error of the brake drum is more than 0.5mm, and the working surface of the brake drum is deformed by 9 ellipses). The output of white paperboard is about 14.51 million tons; The output of cultural paper excluding coated paper, household paper, paper and special paper is 28.31 million tons. When braking, the friction plate and the brake drum immediately collide, and a sharp impact sound is sent out at the same time. During maintenance, remove the brake drum, carry out boring according to the specifications and standards, and verify the balance performance, and control the imbalance within

2. When the surface of the brake friction plate is too smooth, the friction coefficient is small, and the braking pressure is large, the friction noise will be generated when the smooth surface is worn. Or different 6. Stretching space is inserted between the friction pairs: 600mm objects squeeze the friction surface, so friction noise will also appear. During maintenance, remove the brake drum, remove foreign matters, polish the friction plate with coarse sandpaper, and make it cooperate with the friction pair with a contact area of more than 70%

3. The brake friction plate is seriously worn, with grooves and irregular shapes on the surface. During braking, it cannot fully and effectively fit with the brake drum, or the brake support plate is deformed, which destroys the coaxiality between the drum and the plate, and local friction and collision lead to noise. During maintenance, replace the friction plate and correct the brake support plate

4. The front wheel bearing is damaged, and the surface of the raceway and the ball reappears pits, grooves and even cracks, which will cause abnormal noise during braking. This noise can be eliminated by replacing the front axle head bearing

IV. brake drum heating

1 The brake clearance is too large and the free stroke of the pedal is too small. When the brake pedal is released, the braking force is not completely released, making the friction pair in the friction state for a long time; Difficult to start, weak to drive, feel hot when touching the surface of the wheel drum with your hand. In this case, the high-speed braking clearance should be reset according to the specification

2. The reason why the brake handle is not fully released is that the friction pair is in the friction state for a long time and heated due to improper high-speed or negligence in operation. If necessary, high-speed operation shall be carried out according to the specifications

3. The heat generated by braking causes the return spring to be heated and deformed, and the elasticity decreases or disappears, which cannot ensure the timely return of the brake friction plate assembly, so the brake cannot be completely released in time, causing the brake drum to heat up. Repair or replace the return spring in time. Its resistance to engine oil and gear oil is still very strong, which can eliminate the fault. 5、 Parking brake failure is common. The cable or jacket is rusted, the traction spring is broken, falls off, or the elastic cavity disappears, resulting in the inflexible pulling of the parking brake control cable or brake cable in its jacket, so the hand brake cannot be loosened and the work fails. Check whether the brake control cable and the surface of brake system components are damaged, whether the handle control action is flexible and free of stagnation, and whether the cable connector and fixed parts are loose and damaged. During maintenance, fill the cable with grease for lubrication, or replace the damaged parts, and re rotate the high-speed brake handle according to the repair specification

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