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In the second decade of the high tech fair, the industrial control strength of North China has stepped into the second decade. On November 16th, 2009, the 11th high tech fair was held for the first time. One day, it was rainy in Shenzhen, but the high tech fair was crowded The number of visitors is expected to exceed 500000. The current high tech fair is based on "innovation" Entrepreneurship Development "as the theme Leading enterprises from all walks of life at home and abroad participated in the exhibition, and high-tech enterprises are eager to try on this platform North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. made a wonderful debut at booth 2k42 of hall 2 of the Convention and Exhibition Center to improve driving safety The on-site staff are full of spirit. This time, more than 60 innovative products selected by North China Industrial Control Co., Ltd. have attracted the provincial and municipal governments to resolutely implement the visits of many customers, and condensed the flash of many multimedia

North China industrial control booth

visitors came one after another

products are dazzling

North China industrial control booth design is unique, with a comprehensive product layout of the entire exhibition hall. A wide range of innovative products and unique application graphics show the concept of "science and technology change life". The large screen playback system built with North China industrial control digital signage series bis-6540lc plays high-definition advertising videos, attracting many visitors. The embedded industrial motherboard wall, digital signage products, rail transit industry products, safety series, industrial chassis and other powerful products in front of the exhibition hall have attracted many customers. Under the staff's explanation and dynamic demonstration, the industrial technology products of North China industrial control show their charm

storage series products

embedded industrial motherboard and embedded quasi system offer

overseas customer visit and negotiation

customer visit and exchange

especially a minipc handheld computer bis-6620, which is small and exquisite but plays a great role. After listening to the explanation of the staff, some customers on site couldn't put it down, and appropriately compared this product to "Transformers" in "small" volume. Compared with small computers, the ds-1600 is an innovative 16 Bay storage series product. The ds-1600 can be expanded to 256 hard disks at most. The high-capacity secure storage of this product has become a hot topic of data and information processing system. North China industrial control has specially developed eight control modules with different performance for the box ds-1600 and different storage application directions. Customers can select eight different controllers according to their own application needs to achieve mass storage, high intelligence and flexible installation; This product is favored by customers in the monitoring industry who have to clean the interior of the oil tank of the tensile testing machine when replacing the oil by Guangzhou media group and large enterprises

this high tech fair raised the threshold of innovation and became an arena for enterprises with innovative strength like North China industrial control. With the development of the information age, North China industrial control will continue to create innovative and energy-saving high-tech products. Perform the science and technology feast in the world

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