In the morning of the hottest day, 400million main

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In the morning, 400million main funds sneaked into the electrical equipment industry

according to the statistics of the securities times stock market big data new media "databao", there were net inflows of main funds in 8 industries and net outflows of main funds in 20 industries this morning; The industry with the largest net capital inflow is electrical equipment, with an increase or decrease of 0.86%, and a turnover rate of 0.44% in the morning. The transaction gold has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, with a high cost-effective amount of 5.561 billion yuan, and the net flow of main funds is 368million yuan; The industry with the largest net outflow of funds in the morning was food and beverage, with an increase or decrease of -1.61%, a turnover rate of 0.46% in the morning, a transaction amount of 7.605 billion yuan, and a net flow of main funds of -437 million yuan. (data treasure)

a list of main capital flows of various industries in the morning

industry name morning trading volume

(100 million shares) morning turnover rate

(%) morning increase

(%) morning main capital

(100 million yuan) electrical equipment 6410.440.863.68 electronic 13.080.770 The following are summarized by the manufacturer's technology department after the manufacturer. 71 pairs of material testing as long as you have stable technical requirements 0.71 communication 5.620.800.970 Because the matrix soaks into the GF surface, it is improved. 51 comprehensive 1.570 230.29 national defense and military industry 2.340.450.390.21 mechanical equipment 9.270 130.17 textile clothing 1.970 180.12 agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery 3.600 250.04 light industry manufacturing 4.090 25 leisure services 0.670.410 29 media 7.720 45 car 5.010 62 architectural decoration 5.690 71 transportation 6.330.270 77 utilities 6.160 81 steel 6.430 93 commercial trade 2.620 11 nonferrous metals 10.150 19 computer 8.400.840 35 building materials 3.140 40 household appliances 2.700 48 non bank finance 4.550 64 real estate 8.400 86 chemical industry 11.940 94 medical biology 7.270 30 Mining 8.760 73 bank 7.400 02 food and beverage 2.780 37

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