In the season of the hottest environmental protect

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In the season of "explosion" of environmental protection, automotive coatings will not admit defeat - towards water-based

in the season of "explosion" of environmental protection, automotive coatings will not admit defeat - towards water-based

January 18, 2018

[China coatings information]

after years of development, the total output of China's automotive coatings market has reached new highs, and the import and export volume has continued to grow, gradually becoming the world's largest automotive coatings market potential Develop the most dynamic regions. At the same time, on the basis of continuously improving the corrosion resistance and appearance decoration of the substrate, the automotive coating industry is developing in the direction of simplifying standard process procedures, saving equipment investment, reducing coating consumption, low pollution, low energy consumption, low cost, high output and ecological sustainability. High quality, environmental protection, energy saving and low cost have become the main theme of the development of automotive coatings, which is also equipped with self charging electronic array with mechanical conductivity

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development characteristics of automotive coatings industry

China's automotive coatings industry has three main characteristics: first, high regional concentration and widening regional gap; Second, backward technology and low profit margin; Third, the support of the government and industry associations will not be reduced

in terms of distribution, the main distribution areas of the coating industry are still the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the Bohai rim, which account for more than 80% of the national coating industry. This shows that the coating industry, including the automotive coating market, is further concentrated in enterprises and regions with scientific and technological advantages and economic advantages, and the focus is still on the southeast coast, while the gap between the East and the west is further widened

however, the quality and variety of automotive coatings in China are still lagging behind. On the whole, there is a lack of innovative technology, and the level of coating equipment and production control technology lag behind those of industrial developed countries. In China, there are only a few famous automobile coating enterprises, which control a small market share. The homogenization competition in the industry is very common and serious. The homogenization of products, technology, marketing mode, means of competition and so on makes the profit space of enterprises smaller. Over the years, the average profit margin of China's automobile coating industry has been less than 15%

fortunately, in recent years, China's automotive coating industry has made great progress and breakthroughs in technological innovation, process reform, marketing revolution, etc. at the same time, the government has also strengthened the rectification of the automotive coating market order, strengthened the supervision of the market, and done a lot of tentative work. Some achievements have been made in intervening in the automotive coating industry through necessary means, such as raising the entry threshold and protecting the intellectual property rights of coatings

development trend of automotive coating industry

today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the hot trend of automotive coating market is mainly concentrated in two aspects: one is to reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality; The other is to meet the requirements of environmental protection. Among them, water-based coatings is one of the main development directions in the future

the development of water-based paint is rapid, which is basically comparable to the solvent based paint. The development goal of water-based paint is that the performance and price are equivalent to the corresponding solvent based paint, the construction performance is as close as possible to the solvent based paint, the VOC emission is further reduced, and the water-based paint can be used for construction without major transformation on the existing coating equipment. Up to now, water-based coatings still contain 3% - 15% organic solvents, which pollutes the environment to a certain extent. The development of solvent-free waterborne coatings has become a major topic for paint manufacturers in the future

in addition, when paint suppliers struggle to expand paint functions, they should also focus on promoting color matching technology, because color is also the most concerned aspect of consumers, and providing different color matching will certainly have more market share

development prospect of automobile coating industry

the control measurement accuracy is also relatively low

since 2010, China's automobile production and sales have tended to be flat, and the average annual compound growth rate of China's automobile production and sales from 2010 to 2016 is 7.48% and 7.62%. In the future, if the growth rate of cars is 4%, the annual sales volume in 2022 is expected to reach 35million

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prediction of China's automobile production and sales in the year (unit: 10000)

automobile sales are expected to achieve sustained and stable growth, thus driving the demand for automotive coatings in the OEM market to continue to grow. Based on this, it is predicted that by 2022, the demand scale of automotive coatings in China's OEM market will reach 430000 tons

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the demand forecast of automotive coatings in China's OEM market (unit: 10000 tons)

China's car ownership also increased rapidly, from 50million in 2006 to 194million in 2016, with a compound growth rate of 14%. By 2022, China's car ownership will reach about 340million. The increase of car ownership will drive the demand for automotive coatings in the maintenance market. It is estimated that the demand for automotive coatings in China's maintenance market will reach 230000 tons by 2022

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prediction of automotive coating demand in China's maintenance market in (unit: 10000 tons)

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