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Cotton era successfully held a new product launch conference with Tongdao uncle and Donghao commerce

recently, the 12 constellation IP new product launch conference, which was jointly held by the two testing items and operation steps of cotton time, Tongdao uncle and Donghao commerce, was successfully held on the 35th floor of Shanghai International Trade Center. Hua Wei, President of Donghao Lansheng international trade group Lu Yun, general manager of Donghao commerce, changed the important role of the experimental machine in the national economy. Su Zhibin, general manager of the B2B business department of the cotton era, Rudy, chairman of the same uncle and CEO with higher activity, and other leaders attended the event. Then the three parties held a formal signing ceremony, which opened the curtain of in-depth cooperation

at the press conference, Su Zhibin, general manager of the B2B business department of the cotton era, shared the brand strategic development plan of the cotton era in the future, and introduced the in-depth cooperation between the cotton era and the same uncle in the future. At the same time, it also officially released a number of national fashion new products launched by the cotton era together with Donghao business and the same uncle, including the same uncle's 12 constellation pure cotton soft towels, portable cotton soft towels, portable wet wipes, baby wet wipes Portable cosmetic cotton and other fine items

then, Rudy, chairman and CEO of the same uncle, described the business model and business value of this strategic cooperation with the theme of "walking with the same uncle", and made a brief analysis and sharing of the future development trend of the same uncle's IP. In particular, the redefinition of the concept of IP by the same uncle, "IP is the symbiosis of content and fans", and the wonderful sharing of the concept of "IP compound interest model" have won wide resonance and industry recognition

finally, Lu Yunzhong, general manager of Donghao commerce, elaborated and analyzed the domestic trade strategy, and said that the company would continue to build an elite team, strengthen the comprehensive operation ability of the platform, and focus on developing high-quality ip+ brand product resources. The three parties are the leading enterprises in the manufacturing industry, IP content and service industry, with obvious complementary advantages. They will make full use of their respective resources to regulate horizon from offline, e-commerce, bank points mall, new media and social e-commerce, and promote relevant products in combination with media volume

cotton era + fellow uncle + Donghao business, the three parties jointly create a new mode of cultural and creative goods. On the one hand, it is the leader of cotton lifestyle in the field of physical industry and the representative of new domestic products; On the one hand, it is a cross-border favorite in the field of IP new cultural and creative industries and a national IP; On the one hand, it is the leader of modern service industry; This trilateral in-depth cooperation can be described as a strong alliance. For IP cross-border empowerment, the same uncle is familiar with it. In recent years, relying on his perfect IP ecological chain layout, the same uncle has successively carried out in-depth IP cross-border cooperation with hundreds of well-known brands, covering more than 100 first-line brands in dozens of industries such as food, FMCG, clothing, gifts, beauty care, Internet, finance, travel, hotel, tourism, theme park, etc., many of which have been regarded as industry benchmarks, It not only creates great business value, but also obtains many marketing awards for partners. As a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, international trade, domestic sales and brand chain management, the cotton era advocates providing natural, environmentally friendly, comfortable and healthy cotton lifestyle for global high-quality life seekers, which just caters to the current consumption upgrading of China's huge middle-class groups and constitutes the internal driving force of this round of "the rise of new domestic products". And the fans of the same uncle, mainly young women, happen to be the core driver of this wave of consumption upgrading. Coupled with Donghao's strong domestic trade + foreign trade comprehensive operation strength, it seems that this tripartite in-depth cooperation is also a tacit understanding that comes naturally

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