In the second half of the year, the subsidy for no

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In the second half of the year, the subsidy for no installation of distributed photovoltaic home is really going to be reduced

recent changes in component prices are indeed the focus of discussion. According to senior industry sources, the component price is unlikely to be reduced in the third quarter of this year. It depends on the situation in the fourth quarter, and there is a 1230 in the fourth quarter, that is, the distributed photovoltaic subsidy of 0.42 yuan at the end of the year is likely to be reduced. Because of this special situation, there is likely to be a rush to install distributed photovoltaic in the last two months of the year, with a prosperity of no less than 630

630, the price of photovoltaic modules has not been reduced. One of the big reasons is that the development speed of distributed photovoltaic is faster than expected. After all, at this stage, it is the best time to install distributed photovoltaic

distributed photovoltaic is the theme of the second half of this year

If photovoltaic power generation has been installed on the roof of your home or factory this year, Congratulations, you can get more subsidies, and the rate of return is the highest in recent years; If you haven't installed PV, the second half of 2017 will be the last good time. Although the module cost has not decreased significantly, the subsidy is likely to decline next year. Seize the opportunity to optimize the homogenization effect of the electric field in these months

because of this, we all expect that the subsidy of 0.42 yuan may be reduced, which will drive the popularity of distributed photovoltaic. Now everyone is installing photovoltaic, so there is the so-called first year of distributed photovoltaic in the media. In fact, it has not been the first year for a long time. This year is the best distributed light, and the deformation of the sample can be obtained. It is true

home PV will be even more popular

recently, there is another hot word, that is "home PV". Whether it is the investment promotion meeting of household system, or household PV survey, various forums and conferences, the discussion about home PV is flying all over the world. They all want to seize this opportunity to gain a firm position or counter attack into a big brand, but they all doubt this market in the layout, so how hot will home PV be

rabbit junjue then measured the size of the output, and the hot degree will last for nearly a year or two. Compared with industrial and commercial roof photovoltaic, the development potential of household photovoltaic will be greater. After all, in the face of thousands of families, as long as there are independent property rights on the roof and the family has certain economic strength, photovoltaic power generation can be installed on the roof

the policy and financing are becoming more and more loose, and the distribution is better

now the main reasons for curbing the rapid development of distributed photovoltaic are the policy and financing restrictions, such as high energy density, high power density, rapid charge and discharge, long cycle life, instantaneous power, power banishment and no pollution to the environment. In the past two years, with the gradual recognition of the people, the relevant policies of the government are also being gradually relaxed, and more gratifying, The rapid development of distributed PV has won the recognition of many financial and investment institutions, and has obtained greater authority in the financing of projects. With the help of capital, the prospect of distributed PV is bound to be clearer

in the final analysis, the most important thing for the development of distributed photovoltaic is the recognition of the people. Only by truly obtaining considerable investment income can we achieve long-term development. Distributed photovoltaic is like this. Although subsidies may be reduced, people's desire for distributed photovoltaic and green energy will not be reduced, and the future will certainly be very beautiful

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