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Guidelines for marketing of packaging products (middle)

Second, mutual respect, harmony and humanity

there is an equal relationship between any production enterprise and consumers (users). In order to improve the quality of production and service, enterprises often place users in the position of "God", which is actually a specific manifestation of respect for users. When enterprises know that the products they produce are only recognized and accepted by the majority of users, This is the user's respect for the enterprise. If the product quality is poor and the service is not good, how can you expect the product you produce to be respected by users? Therefore, they are interdependent and coexisting. A printing enterprise has been printing advertisements for a large printing equipment company for a long time, and the relationship is very harmonious. Once, the company asked the printing factory to print a batch of advertising samples for use in the exhibition. When the printing factory received the sample of advertising samples to be printed by the company, it found that our advertising sample pattern design had a small social media and a brand guide, which were old, and the advertising words were also obvious, which was not attractive at all. Therefore, it took the initiative to design several schemes to discuss with the company and put forward some suggestions, which was highly praised by the company, The advertising samples they later printed were very attractive at the exhibition. The advertising samples were in short supply, received excellent results, and the product sales also increased significantly. The printing equipment company has become a long-term customer of the printing plant, and the printing plant has also become a long-term partner of the printing equipment company, ensuring the long-term business volume of the printing plant

third, coexistence and common prosperity, both sides gain success and benefits from the cooperative relationship

a large province rich in Moso bamboo, a large number of fresh and delicious spring bamboo shoots are exported to Japan and other countries and regions every spring after processing and boiling, and are welcomed by the people there. However, the 18 kg empty metal cans for export packaging cannot be solved, and they can only be imported from Japan, which brings great inconvenience to foreign trade and export, Later, through the cooperation between the foreign trade department and a tinplate canning factory, an 18 kg canning production line was introduced, which completely solved the packaging problem of exporting "boiled bamboo shoots" every year, and brought great economic benefits to the foreign trade export and tinplate canning factory. Now the annual export volume of "boiled bamboo shoots" is increasing, and so is the fatigue testing machine of the canning factory. The canning capacity is also booming, providing a large number of high-quality 18 kg empty cans to foreign trade, This is a good example of cooperation

fourth, before establishing a cooperative relationship, we should have a clear goal

this criterion is actually put forward from the perspective of long-term strategy. If an enterprise doesn't have a long-term development goal, it just sees the immediate interests, sticks to the old rules, and certainly has no development future, and is finally eliminated by the society. Therefore, only with a clear goal, can it have the development power of the enterprise and encourage it to forge ahead. A cigarette packaging printing factory was an unknown small enterprise more than ten years ago, but after more than ten years of building, it has become the pacesetter in the printing industry in the province. The development of the enterprise not only depends on the decision-making of the enterprise leaders and the joint efforts of all employees, but also because the printing enterprise has a very clear development goal to create a first-class enterprise before cooperating with the cigarette factory. Cigarette bag printing seems to be very simple, and it is not difficult to print, but it is very difficult to print to a higher level. Therefore, general printing enterprises have certain difficulties in printing cigarette bags, especially the current cigarette bag printing quality requirements are very high, and it is difficult to meet this requirement without certain advanced equipment. Therefore, this printing enterprise takes continuous technological transformation and improving product grade as its development goal, and introduces many foreign most advanced printing production lines to meet the cigarette bag manufacturers. The cigarette bag printing quality has reached a high level, the added value of cigarettes has been increased, and the cigarette sales have increased sharply, further promoting the development of printing enterprises. Both cigarette factories and printing enterprises have achieved great economic benefits

v. deeply understand each other's cultural background, and know yourself and the other.

this criterion seems to have little internal connection with relationship marketing, but it is a very important problem. The flower carving wine brewed in Shaoxing of our province enjoys a high special reputation in the country and even abroad. It is expected to be highly praised by 2025. It has a unique cultural connotation and is closely linked with today's wine culture. Shaoxing is a big cultural city with a long history, a large number of celebrities and rich tourism resources. Therefore, a metallographic microscope imported from Germany, Shaoxing not only reflects the characteristics of Shaoxing, but also the packaging of goods. When commemorating the 120th anniversary of the birth of Mr. Lu Xun, it launched "Lu Xun wine". The wine packaging is made of pottery. The whole wine bottle is like a bronze statue of Mr. Lu Xun, simple and solemn, with the words "in memory of Lu Xun" on the front, On the side is Lu Xun's famous two lines of poetry and spiritual portrayal, "frown coldly at the criticism of a thousand men, bow down and be willing to be an ox". This package has won the favor of consumers. Make full use of the local cultural background, and deliberately design a combined packaging that reflects the local cultural characteristics, so that the packaging is full of a strong local flavor, and people understand the local customs through packaging

a packaging designer in Shaoxing, according to the inherent local cultural characteristics of Shaoxing, such as the architectural characteristics of wupeng boat, stone bridge and Dai wa white wall, cleverly designed a set of building block combination packaging that reflects the cultural landscape of Shaoxing. This set of packaging is combined into Shaoxing's water village style, such as the houses and buildings imitating wupeng boat, stone bridge and Dai wa white wall in the river, In addition to tourist souvenirs, Shaoxing industrial handicrafts, they are also local specialties: Fennel beans, dried tofu, moldy dried vegetables and other foods. What's better is that the wupeng boat has an ingenious design. A jar of Shaoxing old wine and a small clay sculpture of boating dressed by local fishermen are also placed on the bow and stern of the boat. The whole set of combined packaging is lifelike, which makes people love it and not only plays the role of commodity packaging, At the same time, it has become a set of distinctive and unique craft jewelry, giving people a refreshing feeling. Therefore, the local cultural background provides packaging designers with a very rich design material and becomes the source of creation, which is unmatched by other backgrounds. This uniqueness undoubtedly provides a rare opportunity for packaging development. (to be continued)

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