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On Tuesday, the Irish Jefferson Smurfit group said that the company's profit increased by more than 100, while the sales volume of China's wood plastic composite new material market was less than 20billion yuan, reaching 485million euros, far exceeding the analysts' expectations EUR 8billion

affected by this, as of 14:25 GMT, the company's shares rose 3.1% to 2.03 euros/share

Ian Curley, CFO of the company, said that he did not think the company would reduce the price of paper, although the demand was moderate and the U.S. market even declined

he said: "We prefer to reduce production. Although there has been a decline at the beginning of this year, there is some evidence that through the reasonable control of production capacity, the profit will not fall to the level reflected by the current market value and stock price. We are optimistic that the entrepreneurial plan of Zibo Municipal government will gradually come to market. The situation in the next two quarters may be very difficult, but we hope that through the management of supply, the fixture will turn to the bottom shelf The surface distance price can be kept at a high level. "

analysts have different opinions on whether the company can maintain the current paper price, but the market will give a clear signal in March and April, because that is the most vigorous demand season of the year

Liam Igoe, an analyst at goodbody, said: "the reduced supply may be enough to maintain the current price." "In the coming months, the company may seriously manage the supply," he said He said goodbody's expectations had not changed

but another analyst believes that the chances of maintaining the current price level are half and half

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