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Small and medium-sized enterprises' informatization needs "small applications"

China's informatization has gone for so many years. Informatization has impressed people so deeply that when it comes to informatization, people will think of some large-scale software combinations, such as CAD, CAE, PDM, etc; Or some information projects related to the strategic development of the enterprise, such as enterprise portal, ERP, CRM, SCM, etc. Some "small" means are often despised by CIOs and software manufacturers. Do you know that no matter how big projects are, they are all based on "small" applications. For small and medium-sized enterprises that have not yet started informatization or whose informatization strength is weak, they need such small applications

cashier Lao Zhang's confusion

Lao Zhang is an old cashier in a knitting enterprise. He has been working for 10 years. From the old abacus computer to the financial computerization, he has experienced the changes in the financial department and witnessed the entrepreneurship and growth of the enterprise

I remember that at the beginning of the establishment of this enterprise, due to its small scale, only a few dozen people, its single product variety and few external financial transactions, Lao Zhang and another financial officer only had to face a few customers, a few financial settlements every year, and the daily cashier work only needed to face the model of 3 yuan battery for these dozens of employees. For some trivial cashier work in enterprises such as eating, drinking, Lasa, etc., it only needs a wooden abacus of Lao Zhang and an account book of another financial officer

"an iron abacus and a rotten pen are our entire financial department." Following the development trend of lightening engineering plastics, increasing investment attraction and high temperature resistance, Zhang described the work ten years ago, "the workers also gave us a nickname, one is abacus Zhang, the other is pen Liu."

but now it is very different. Not only have the employees increased by more than ten times, but also the customers increased to more than 100, and the product lines have reached dozens. The number of financial personnel has also increased with the needs. At one time, it reached more than a dozen people. With it, the accounts are not clear, the finance is not clear, and the cashier's work is often full of loopholes. Although the front-end time boss has bought the financial software to solve the problems of tax declaration and financial bookkeeping, the financial software is helpless in the face of the simple and repetitive work of the cashier. The tedious operation made the cashier Lao Zhang wonder? Can such advanced financial software not cope with such a simple work

simple application brings better results

in fact, not only Lao Zhang, but also some front-line employees have the same confusion: informatization is good, but why can't we work more easily

from software architecture to project implementation, the theory of informatization is gradually improving, but the effect is still mediocre. In addition to large-scale enterprises with a long history of informatization and some high-quality scientific and technological enterprises, a large number of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises are still confused about the effect of informatization. "Death by ERP, death by ERP", the informatization effect can not be seen, and it is still the main fetter of informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises

provide more practical solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Shunheda software, known for its "cabbage theory", has grasped the confusion of small and medium-sized enterprises about the effect of informatization, and launched software such as warehouse management king, Business King, cashier system from a simple application

in the face of the perplexity of Lao Zhang, the cashier system of shunheda just meets the needs of Lao Zhang. It completely imitates the practical functions such as manual bookkeeping and multi sob management. Starting from the actual work of the cashier, it is simple and easy to use. It has the characteristics of full-automatic network setting and fool type personal setting. It can automatically start the database and set the memory bill. It does not need to press a button to log in, which is more human and convenient. Moreover, the new upgrade of the stand-alone version and the network version will also bring application experience with faster speed, more stable performance, simpler operation and more standardized functions to small and medium-sized enterprises

compared with those large-scale information systems, simple applications are closer to the work of employees. On the one hand, they can enhance the adaptability of software, on the other hand, they can also improve the effect of information implementation. "Small" applications can also have "big" effects. The author appeals to other manufacturers in the industry to pay more attention to the work of front-line personnel and pay more attention to these "small" applications of informatization. (end)

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