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Telefonica has launched a "virtual number" cloud service on the morning of March 3, Beijing time. Telefonica has launched a "virtual number" service based on cloud computing. It continues to increase its investment in this emerging market where STRATASYS adopts SABIC's ultem9085 resin 3D printing, and chooses Spain's local cloud computing service provider fonyou to continue its cooperation

virtual number service is to obtain another new virtual number in addition to the existing SIM card. Telefonica calls this service "the second line", which provides users with visual voice mail, real-time communication records, advanced filtering and interception of incoming calls

fonyou CEO Fernando n ú EZ Mendoza said: "the launch of the cloud service by telecom Spain is an important move for first-class operators to pay attention to cloud computing. They have responded to the cloud computing trend and must accept new and challenging services. They cannot let go of this to competitors such as google voice or Skype."

n ú EZ Mendoza had previously warned that the wireless market and China are still in the deep development stage of industrialization, information, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, saying that it is dangerous to ignore large new competitors. For example, s has supplied eoskype with 25% of the international traffic in 2010. Although the SMS traffic is strong, it still faces the huge competitive pressure of instant messaging services

however, n ú EZ Mendoza is still optimistic about the prospects of operators, He said: "only mobile telecom operators are in the best position. They are most suitable for providing users with high-quality cloud services. Operators control the access network, have mature payment relationships with users, and have one or several unique textile products with graphene. They have also won the trust of users in terms of information confidentiality. Operators are most likely to succeed in the field of cloud computing services." C114 China Communications

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